Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Lilly Pulitzer Ebay Finds + Ebay Guide

You guys..I did it again. I am loving me some Ebay. I posted a few weeks ago how I love Lilly Pulitzer but I am super cheap and refuse to pay full price for it. It is super expensive and with me being on a budget, I just can not afford to drop $150+ on a dress. Lucky for me, I can browse Ebay and find me a cute dress for cheap. 

Now the only downfall is I have to fight some girls for the dress and hope they do not outbid but normally I am able to get what I want. I was able to score this cute Lilly Pulitzer Palm Reader Cathy Shift Dress which retails around $178.00 for $60.00 and that includes shipping. 

For anyone who is scared to buy on Ebay, here are my suggestions.

1. Only buy from people with 98% or higher ratings. Typically these people will not mess with you and you will have nothing to worry about.

2. Only buy from people who post actual pictures of the product and not stock pictures. Most stock photos are scams are fakes.

3. Do not buy anything at retail price. That is stupid.You should of just bought it from the store then.

4. If you think it is to good to be true, it normally is. If I see something that is super low priced and is a stock photo, it is more than likely fake. Move on friend!

5. Read the ratings of the seller if you are worried about it. Check it out and see if it is worth bidding on.

6. If it something I really want, I will bid once or twice and if I get out bid, I get on the page right before the bidding is over and make sure I am the top bidder before the auction ends. 

7. I never pay over $50-$60 for anything on Ebay. If I can not get it for cheap, it is not worth it. Remember, it is Ebay, you are not at Macys  

I have gotten 3 Lilly Pulitzer dresses over the past month or so and all of them have only cost me around $110.00 all together. That is still not even the cost of one dress so to me, it is worth it! Ebay is the place to go. I have even scored Kate Spade wallets and bags so if your looking for a good deal, check out Ebay! Also, they have no paid for me this post, it is all on my own. I am just super happy to be getting these deals and wanted to share!  

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Weight Loss Update

I haven't posted about my weight loss in a good while so I figured I was due to post about it. A year ago last week I joined a gym to lose weight. I weighed 195 and was sick of my weight. As of this morning,  I am 154!!! I have officially going past my goal weight and I am on to my next goal. I have lost 41 pounds and now I want to lose another 9 pounds to get to 145. I know I can do this and I want to lose it before my cruise in October which gives me a ton of time and can help me tone my body as well. 

Recently I had felt like I had reached a point where I was  no longer losing weight. I was stuck. I decided I had to change up my eating habits and work out routine. I started eating a little healthier that I was, more lean. I cut out all drinks except water, even juices are gone. I workout 5 days a week. I am either in the gym or doing some other form of exercise. I have also joined 2 softball teams. One is for work and the other is a team with some friends that plays in a local league. After our first 2.5 hour practice, I was so sore. I used muscles that I have not used in years. Sure I run and lift weights, but actually throwing a softball and batting for hours is so different than what I am used to it. I am one of those people that actually likes being sore after a workout but this sore, was a whole different level. It hurt when I sneezed and coughed! My body is finally adjusting to the new pace and it is losing more weight and I love it.

I am hoping with the change in my schedule that I will see those 9 pounds come off pretty quickly. I have found myself not as hungry and when I do eat, it is not as much. I used to be able to sit down and chow down on some food. Not anymore. It just does  not happen. I do not love food anymore, I do not want to go out to eat because I know it is a waste of money for me. I won't eat all the food and I will feel sick afterwards. For me, that is a good thing. It is saving me some money and I am not getting all of those bad calories. 

If you are on a weight loss journey, do not give up. For me, when I started, I thought I would never get to wear I am right now but I am here. I have lost 41 pounds, I am down 3 jeans sizes and 2 shirts sizes. That is a huge accomplishment for me. You have to start determined and fight. If you have a bad day, it is okay. You can start over the next day. You are allowed to have cheat days and eat something bad. You just can't do it every day! If anyone ever wants help or wants to talk about losing weight, just comment below or e-mail me. I would love to help you! We all have to start somewhere.  

Thursday, March 16, 2017

The Hard Cider Run


As you know, I love me a good fun run. I typically run 10-15 races a year. I am planning on participating in the The Hard Cider Run again this year. I ran the race the past 2 years in Virginia and really, is it a hard run here. Part of it is up a mountain and I can not run up a mountain but I make a good attempt. It really test me physically and mentally. Before the race ever starts, I am pumped up and ready to go but when I get to the hill, I am like dang it, why am I doing this but when I get to the top and I am so pumped that I just run the rest of the way. Plus, you get a free medal at the end for kicking its butt. This is a fun run and you get some yummy hard cider at the end of it. 



Now you do not have to be a runner to do this race. You can walk, jog, skip, dash or dance your way through this course.  They have different waves that start at different times. If you want to take your time, join a later wave. If you want to go full on beast mode with the race, be one of the first across the start line. 

Now this can be a family fun event as well. The entire family is allowed to run. They have youth sized shirts and they get non-alcoholic apple cider at the end. I find that running this race is fun as a team. I like having my friends help push me along and I am able to help encourage them as we go. Plus, you get a $5.00 discount for registering as a team of 4+.
Now if you are planning on running, just click here to register. Make sure you use code RACHEL1 to get yourself a $5.00 off discount! Let me know if you plan on running and if you are the Charlottesville area join my team!

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Ebay Finds

Recently I have become obsessed with Lilly Pulitzer. I missed the craze in college as I went to a business school and then finished my BA online. I never got to be part of a sorority so I never got to have the whole Lilly Pulitzer obsession. Now these dresses and everything else run way way to pricey. I can not afford a off the shelf dress. If you can, please bless me with your bank account. I would love you forever..or just send me a dress in a size Large. I have turned to Ebay. 

Ebay is the one place you can find everything. The only issue is you have to make sure you do not get a fake. I have bought a ton of stuff off of Ebay over the years and I typically get good deals. Due to said clothing obsession, I was able to get 2 Lilly Pulitzer dresses. One I only paid $33.00 for   (this one is brand new with tags!!) and one I only paid $19.00. 

Once they come in, I will post pictures. They have already shipped out. I am super excited. I know they would be better if I actually went and bought them but hey, a girl has to do what a girl has to do, especially one on a budget! For now, Ebay will be my friend as I search far and wide for Lilly Pulitzer. If you have some, hit me up, make me a offer. I am in need and would love to have it!!  

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Life Lately

First, let me say sorry for being an absent blogger. Life has been so busy this past week and I have no idea where the time has went. I have been so swamped with work and everything else, that my poor blog just took a backseat! I figured the blog was due for a little recap.

1. I went and saw Miranda Lambert on Friday. I love her and she is my animal spirit. I have probably seen her in concert 5 times now. I would go 100 times more if I could. The show was amazing as always and I believe that since the divorce she is really finding her self again. She seemed happier on stage.

2. March is my Birthday Month. Next week..I turn 30. Dun Dun Dun!

3. I finally got my hands on the Lilly Pulitzer/Starbucks S'well bottle. I had to wait a little bit and my local Starbucks finally got some more in. This is my first Lilly item and I am hoping it will not be my last. Happy Birthday to me!

4. I ordered this lovely little Kate Spade wallet off line. Once again, Happy Birthday to me!

5. I have also hit my goal weight. I am at 155!!!! It took me an entire year to get there but I did it. I will post more about it ASAP!!!