Monday, January 30, 2017

Weekend Recap

My weekend flew by. I hate how weekends do that. They just go by and are over before you know it. I had a super busy weekend and sucked at picture taking. I will apologize now for that. I had a work post-holiday party on Saturday night. I had this super cute dress but due to weight-lifting it was really tight on my shoulders. I tried to wear it anyways and before I even got to the party, I made a pit-stop at Target and bought a dress almost identical to it. I was way more comfortable. I even wore it out of the store. The lady in the dressing room escorted me to the register to make sure I didn't steal it. I felt sort of VIP but also sort of sketchy.  I did get in the photo booth and will update the post with the pictures later tonight!

 Note the above picture is the before dress!!

Yesterday was a snooze fest for us. We laid around all day yesterday watching Disney/Animated movies with the dogs. It was so relaxing especially since we were out super late Saturday for the work party.

This morning I woke up to snow on the ground. Unfortunately it was not enough to delay/close my job. BOO! was enough to make it pretty and that works for me. I was able to get to work fine and the roads were clear. It was just enough to take a pretty picture for Instagram! My weekend for some reason seemed super busy and I sucked at tacking pictures but oh well! It is ..what it is! I hope everyone has an amazing week!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

My Natural Makeup Look

Recently I have really started to get into makeup. I am not sure what turned me into a makeup person, it was more than likely my niece but I find myself spending more money on makeup than I normally would have before. I used to want to be able to do what all these amazing makeup bloggers are able to do but now, I just want to have a nice, clean makeup routine that looks natural. I think I have finally found that look for myself. I love the natural look and I don't want anything to over the top. Here are my favorite new makeup items that I am currently using:

1.Maybelline Fit Me-Matte+Poreless Foundation. I just switched to this foundation and I use with a mineral base as well. I love the coverage I get and how well it works. It gives me a nice natural look.

2. Maybelline Instant Age Rewind. This has come in so handy with having a puppy for under my eyes for those dark circles. I have not been getting as much sleep as I would like and this gets rid of those circles and makes me look like functioning human and not a walking zombie.

3. e.l.f. foundation-this is my by far favorite foundation. I switch between this and the Maybelline. As you can tell I use this a good bit because it is almost gone and I need to buy more but it is light enough for a natural look and it also covers my freckles which is the biggest thing for me.

4.Neutrogena Shine Control Powder. I just recently started using this product as of last week. It helps with no shine and keeps the oil down on my face. It also helps keep my makeup fresh and last all day. I would say invest in this. I paid around $15.00 for this at CVS but it was worth it for sure.


5. Naked Urban Decay Smoky Eye shadow. I have 4 of these eye shadow palettes and this one is my favorite. I just started using this one and I am loving all the colors. Some are a big dark but the lighter pinks are definitely perfect for my natural makeup look. 

 What are some makeup products you use that you love? What are some that are perfect for a natural look?

Monday, January 23, 2017

Trying to Hard?

Recently I have started to look around and realize that not all material things are worth what I used to thing they were. The value I used to put to them, no longer holds for me. I find myself re-evaluating myself and my decisions before buying an item. I am surrounded everyday by people with name brand items. For a while, I was that person who tried to keep up with them. I wanted to have the same looks and the same bag. I felt like I had to have the same jackets and shoes or they would think less of me. I even tried it for awhile just because of other bloggers. I wanted to try and fit in with the cool crowd of bloggers and as we can tell, that never happened.

But where has that gotten me? Has that gotten me a ton of new readers? No, in fact my reader count is nothing glamorous to write home about. I don't have a steady stream of followers. I don't have people commenting on here every day nor do I know if people even read this every day. What I do know, is I am no longer concerned if my hand bag is name brand or if my shoes are the hottest item that just came out because that one blogger or that one person told me to get them. I no longer listen to everyone else. I am starting to listen to myself.

Yes, it is hard some days to not go out and buy certain items when I see them, because let's be real and honest here, I love some of the stuff. I love the way it looks and how I look with it but does my bank account? Nope. They money can go to something else more important. Do I need it? Nope. Should I buy it because I am jealous or envious of someone I don't know? Nope. 

I know taking a step back and realizing that I do not need all of these things is helping me out for sure. I am happier and no longer concerned with all of the vain things in life. Now, Yes I do enjoy a nice handbag or pair of shoes every now and then but I no longer blow money to get stuff just to make sure my blog post are up to par. I am only being my self and being real. I wish more bloggers and people were this way. Be you. Do not be someone else. Make your own place in this world. 


Thursday, January 19, 2017

Step Bet Week #2 Update

Ok guys, I made it to week 2 of my StepBet. The first week didn't really count and I did not know that but hey I met my stretch goals and my active goals and I am in the habit of it now. This week so far, I have to get 1 more active day and 1 more stretch day. I am allowed one free day but I have yet to take that. I am not sure if I will ever just let myself sit around and take the free day when I am doing StepBet. I want to keep going and stay motivated. If I get lazy, it would be to easy to fall back into the old routines.

I have been doing a lot more of walks and working out on my treadmill at home. Unfortunately, since we have the new puppy, I am not able to get to the gym this week. But even with me not getting there I am managing to stay active. I am super curious to see how many people are still in it next week after the tally of how many people met their goals. As much as I want everyone to succeed, this is a bet (StepBET) and I want that $$. I know that maybe wrong but I do hope a few people drop out and I hope I am not one of them. I have to stay focused and keep my self active and moving!

My thoughts so far on StepBet: 
1. Easy way to stay active.
2. Super fun way to get some FitBit steps in
3. Fun way to meet other people
4. Can be annoying trying to get your stretch goals, BUT I got this.
5. The message board can help you stay motivated with the other players.

I was hoping some other bloggers or my friends would join but I do not think anyone else did so far. If you did, let me know! I would love to see if anyone else I know is playing the same game as me.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Meet Willow

So, we got a new puppy. I know I wrote awhile back in December about whether or not we should get another dog as we were given the opportunity to get one. Our friends pit bull had puppies and offered us a chance to get one of them. We had been on the fence all of December about it but we finally caved. On Sunday we went over and looked at the puppies and that was it. We got the only female in the litter.

She is bigger than the boys which is UN-usual. We do not know her weight yet but she does go to the vet on Saturday so we will learn it then. She is only 6/7 weeks old but is a big girl already for her age. She is super sassy, always into stuff and hyper. She does whine some but not like we expected. She already sleeps through the night. I only have to take her outside 1-2 times a night and for the most part, she is house broken. We really got an amazing dog. She is super sweet.

Our other two dogs, Zoey and Itsy Bitsy, are not so sure of the puppy. Zoey plays with her some but then gets tired of her and growls at her and runs away. She only deals with her for so long. Itsy is scared of her own shadow so for now, she keeps her distance. She has played with her a few times but for the most part..she hides from the puppy. I hope they learn to love each other but I know it takes time and patience from everyone, including the humans.

So, be prepared for more puppy most and everyone, meet Willow.


Thursday, January 12, 2017

Step Bet

So I signed up for a Stepbet. If you do not know what it is, it is pretty simple. Stepbet is where you put in $40.00 and basically say you will meet a certain step goal for 6 weeks. If you do not meet your weekly goals you lose your $40.00. If you do meet the goal, at the end of the 6 weeks, you get your $40 and whatever money from the people who its a win-win if you keep going. 

Now, I am a big stepper. I walk and run a lot. My step goal so far is pretty high. My active step goal is 10,205 and my stretch goal is 12,505. You have to have 4 active days and 2 stretch days. I believe as the weeks go, these numbers go up so I know I am going to have to really push my self in the gym and stay motivated to hit all my numbers. I do not plan on losing $40.00 at all. 

Now, I am a big stepper. I walk and run a lot. My step goal so far is pretty high. My active step goal is 10,205 and my stretch goal is 12,505. You have to have 4 active days and 2 stretch days. I believe as the weeks go, these numbers go up so I know I am going to have to really push my self in the gym and stay motivated to hit all my numbers. I do not plan on losing $40.00 at all. 

The easiest part of this is it links up with my Fitbit. All I have to do is wear my Fitbit and go about my day. Now, I do have to move around more, run more at the gym and stay active more but it is definitely worth it. I am hoping that if this goes well that I can do more of these. I know that in the summer I hike and go on a good bit of walks so I would hit my goals more often and much easier. 

I joined one of the smaller Stepbet groups. I am with PCOS Support Girls game. I follow her on Instagram and find that she is so supportive with PCOS and weight loss. If you want to join here is my own link and you can go join up until Saturday I believe. It is only $40.00 and super fun! The pot is up to $1,160 and let me tell you, I do not want anyone to fail but if people do, that some $$ to go around! Let me know if you sign up so I can comment to you and make sure we follow each other on Instagram so we can follow each others progress! 

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Weight Loss Update

After having a horrible cold, I finally got back in the gym after taking a week off last night. I am super sore today. I am starting to work out longer while I am at the gym and trying new things. When I first started working out, I let the guys intimidated me and other women there. I would not work out on certain equipment if I thought someone was watching me or if I thought I was in someones way. I was so scared of the gym that I stuck to cardio. It was what I knew. It took me about a month to get out of my comfort zone and I just started trying things. After awhile, people started giving me advice and helping me with my form. Now, I am the one giving advice to newer folks and helping them out. I still get advice from people and ask for new things to do but it is nice to see how far I have come.

I have lose 39 pounds. I am 1 pound away. I am pushing myself this year to get passed that. I would love to make it to 145. That would 11 more pounds to go. That hardest part about this is not the food or working out. It is the mental game. It is making myself believe I am no longer fat or big. I look in the mirror and I still see a big girl. I still see a girl who has a belly and a big chest and big legs. Others say this is not true. It is all mental. If you can overcome that aspect of it, you are golden.

I do love the way I look now, do not get me wrong. I just have a battle with myself some days to understand I am smaller. I have finally stopped ordering clothes to big. I am in mediums and larges. The days of XL clothes for me are done. I can finally go upstairs and not be winded. I love going on hikes and I am pushing myself to do more OCR races than ever. I am hoping to sign up for the Spartan Race in July.

Losing weight for me was at first, a way to get pregnant. I wanted to get rid of my PCOS. Now, it is a lifestyle. It is my way of living. When I do not go to the gym, I feel guilty. I love the gym. It is my place. My zone. It is where I can think. I go alone. I do not take friends with me. I do not like workout buddies. I find it is better for me to go, pump out an amazing workout and just rock it. I know for others, they do better with a friend.

Over the next year, I hope to tone my body to a more defined shape and to lose more of the flab. I am hoping posting it on here will help make me accountable. One of my big goals is to wear a bikini in May at the beach so fingers crossed I get to that! I will be updating along the way!

Monday, January 9, 2017

2017 Running Schedule

I love running and last year, I did not get as many runs/OCR events in that I would of liked to. Starting off 2017 right, I decided to go ahead and register for as many events that I know of already and get on the right track. To help me stay focused and make sure I actually go to the events...I figured I would share them here. 

April- Bow Wow Walk with the SPCA.
          The Hard Cider Run

May-Rugged Maniac (1)
        Scottsville Scoot

June-MadCo Mud Miler

July-Spartan Sprint

October-Rugged Maniac (2)

Now the biggest problem I am running into is that most of my runs conflict with other runs I want to participate in or there are just not as many around here right now which is quite sad. Two years ago, there was a ton of races, color runs, foam glow runs and many more. Not now. It is like it was a fad and it is tickered out. 

If you live in Virginia and know of some fun runs, let me know!! I would love to run them! 

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

New Year...New Goals

With it being a New Year..I have new goals. I never make resolutions. I tend to break them and not stick to them. If I make a goal..I do better and it doesn't seem as hard for me to stick to it. I know how silly that sounds but hey, it works for me so ehh...why rock the boat? Last year I wanted to focus on me, be happier and lose some weight. I lose 40 pounds, I gained my self confidence back and did more things I have never done. This year, there are so many things I want to do and try!

1. Be a healthier me. Even though I have lose 40 pounds I still want to lose some more and tone up my body a good bit more. I would love to have some abs and get my arms toned up to the point of where my gun show is FABULOUS. 

2. Keep my self confidence rocking! Everyone can use to work on themselves and I do that every day.

3. Be nicer to people. Sometimes I can be not the nicest person. I can be grumpy and have RBF. Resting Bitch Face. I am working on it and I am aware of the problem people. 

4. Compete in more OCR races. This is a big one for me. I did not get to race as much last year as I wanted and my goal is to get at least 5 in this year! I know of 3 I am doing so I just need to find 2 more!

 5. Read more. I did not read as much as I normally do so this year, I need to read 15-20 books. I love reading and for some reason, I really neglected this and I am not sure why.

What are some goals you have made for yourself?