Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Willow Update

We got Willow back in January and I had posted about her here. Well since then..that little tiny puppy has grown so much. She is not longer a little ball of fur. She is the most hyper dog I have ever seen. She has a completely different personality than our other two dogs and it took us awhile to adjust to her and for her to adjust to us. She was so used to running around and ruling the roost as she was the only female in her litter and then she came to our home, where it is only female dogs.

At first she got snapped at ..a lot. She peed and pooped everywhere. She would whine constantly. I had to sleep with her on the couch for 3 weeks before she even wanted to sleep in her crate alone. Every night she would crawl up and cuddle on my neck like a cat. I miss those days. Now she is a whopping 41 pounds and still growing at 5 months old. She is finally house broken. She will go to the door and sit until you realize she is there or will whine very loudly until you hear her. She makes sure you know what she wants. If she is hungry, she will go to her food bowl and knock it around and make as much noise as possible.

We have a routine down every day. She has to be with me in the bathroom when I get ready for work. She likes to chew on my bathrobe. I know I shouldn't let her, but it keeps her quiet and is whatever. Recently I keep catching her drinking out the toilet. This is a first for me. I have never had a dog do this. She has water in her bowl at all times. I am not sure why she does this but it is driving me insane. I am trying to keep the lids closed and the bathroom doors shut because toilet water and my puppy..nope.

We are having her spayed next month. I don't want puppies nor do I want her to have a heat cycle. I am pretty sure I couldn't handle that. I would go insane if that happened or if she had puppies. This little dog is amazing and I am so glad we got her. I couldn't imagine live with out this little cuddle bug. 

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