Monday, April 3, 2017

Weekend Recap

Can the weekend please come back?? Man it went by way to fast. Partially it is because I was busy non stop all weekend long. I felt like I was going going going and I did not really get a chance to just sit and relax at all until around 9:00 P.M. last night. I crashed out before I knew it. 

Saturday we had a fun eventful trip to the vet. Willow had her last puppy shot and she made sure the vet knew she was there. She whined the entire time she was in there and anytime someone wanted to pet her, she peed on the floor. I have the wussiest dogs ever. She is now set to be spayed in about a month. I am going to be a total mess and cry the entire time when I drop her off until I pick her up. I hate having the dogs spayed because of the surgery but they really need it done.

Saturday evening we took one of our tractors to a friends house. Now we live in the country and it is not easy to take farm equipment around to other people's houses. We could put it on a trailer..that is the easy method. My husband decided to actually drive it there. A 10 minute drive took  us a hour due to the fact that the tractor doesn't go over 8-10 mph.  I had to follow behind him the entire way going so slow with my flashers on. That was a fun drive.

Sunday I had softball all day long. I am playing on a co-ed softball league with some friends. Now, I will admit I am not that good but my skills are improving since starting and I am getting better each week. The one dumb thing I did during one of the games yesterday was I had the ball right in front of me and instead of catching it with my glove, I tried to get it with my hand. That was dumb. I forgot to wear sun block as well which now, I am rocking a pretty schmexy farmers sun-burn which will turn in a farmers tan. I know you are jealous right?

I have two softball games this week and practice this Sunday. As you can tell..I jumped head first into the softball pool. Wish me luck...I am going to need it.

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