Monday, April 17, 2017

Easter Weekend

This Easter Holiday flew by so fast! I sucked on the picture taking due to the fact that we had a big cookout at my house on Saturday and I was the host which translates into me not having any time to take any pictures or have a chance to sit down and breath. We had a ton of food, a egg hunt and it was a blast. To bad I don't have pictures right? You just have to take my word for it. 

On Sunday, we spent the day with Chris' family and I actually conned him into taking a picture with me. 

We went to dinner at the Bavarian Chef which is this amazing German restaurant here that I love. It is so delcious but you have to go in with your belly empty and ready to eat because they give you enough food for 3/4 people per meal. It is pretty ridiculous. 

This week is going to be quite busy so I hope I have more interesting post for you. I have 2 softballs games this week and the Hard Cider Run on Saturday! Sorry for the short post, but I had to share the picture of me and Chris because I love it!

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