Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Bow Wow Walk 2017

For the past three years I have participated in the Bow Wow Walk. It is a fundraiser to help raise money for the local SPCA. Every year I try to raise money and reach a goal of at least $250.00. I take my dog, Itsy, and we have a blast. The walk is about a 1.5 miles which is not bad for a dog. They have vendors from all over central Virginia. There was a dog costume contest, look-like-your-dog contest, and even doggy ice cream. It really is a fun, well ran event. 

This year, my team raised over $10,000 and the event it self raised over $70,000. That is a good bit of money for the SPCA and all of the animals that are there. They need all the help they can get so every penny really does matter in this. 

Saturday was not really hot. It was kind of the perfect day for a dog walk. I even strapped a GoPro to Itsy but I have not had the time nor the patience to actually edit it yet. Hopefully I can sit down one day and actually edit the footage instead of putting it off. 

If you are from the area and want to walk, comment below and I will let you know next year about it. You do not even need a dog to come. Just come and have fun. Also check your local SPCA/animal shelter and see if they have any events like this. They are a blast and it is so much fun to see all of the dogs that show up.  

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