Thursday, March 16, 2017

The Hard Cider Run

As you know, I love me a good fun run. I typically run 10-15 races a year. I am planning on participating in the The Hard Cider Run again this year. I ran the race the past 2 years in Virginia and really, is it a hard run here. Part of it is up a mountain and I can not run up a mountain but I make a good attempt. It really test me physically and mentally. Before the race ever starts, I am pumped up and ready to go but when I get to the hill, I am like dang it, why am I doing this but when I get to the top and I am so pumped that I just run the rest of the way. Plus, you get a free medal at the end for kicking its butt. This is a fun run and you get some yummy hard cider at the end of it.

Now you do not have to be a runner to do this race. You can walk, jog, skip, dash or dance your way through this course.  They have different waves that start at different times. If you want to take your time, join a later wave. If you want to go full on beast mode with the race, be one of the first across the start line. 

Now this can be a family fun event as well. The entire family is allowed to run. They have youth sized shirts and they get non-alcoholic apple cider at the end. I find that running this race is fun as a team. I like having my friends help push me along and I am able to help encourage them as we go. Plus, you get a $5.00 discount for registering as a team of 4+.
Now if you are planning on running, just click here to register. Make sure you use code RACHEL1 to get yourself a $5.00 off discount! Let me know if you plan on running and if you are the Charlottesville area join my team!

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