Monday, January 30, 2017

Weekend Recap

My weekend flew by. I hate how weekends do that. They just go by and are over before you know it. I had a super busy weekend and sucked at picture taking. I will apologize now for that. I had a work post-holiday party on Saturday night. I had this super cute dress but due to weight-lifting it was really tight on my shoulders. I tried to wear it anyways and before I even got to the party, I made a pit-stop at Target and bought a dress almost identical to it. I was way more comfortable. I even wore it out of the store. The lady in the dressing room escorted me to the register to make sure I didn't steal it. I felt sort of VIP but also sort of sketchy.  I did get in the photo booth and will update the post with the pictures later tonight!

 Note the above picture is the before dress!!

Yesterday was a snooze fest for us. We laid around all day yesterday watching Disney/Animated movies with the dogs. It was so relaxing especially since we were out super late Saturday for the work party.

This morning I woke up to snow on the ground. Unfortunately it was not enough to delay/close my job. BOO! was enough to make it pretty and that works for me. I was able to get to work fine and the roads were clear. It was just enough to take a pretty picture for Instagram! My weekend for some reason seemed super busy and I sucked at tacking pictures but oh well! It is ..what it is! I hope everyone has an amazing week!!

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