Monday, January 23, 2017

Trying to Hard?

Recently I have started to look around and realize that not all material things are worth what I used to thing they were. The value I used to put to them, no longer holds for me. I find myself re-evaluating myself and my decisions before buying an item. I am surrounded everyday by people with name brand items. For a while, I was that person who tried to keep up with them. I wanted to have the same looks and the same bag. I felt like I had to have the same jackets and shoes or they would think less of me. I even tried it for awhile just because of other bloggers. I wanted to try and fit in with the cool crowd of bloggers and as we can tell, that never happened.

But where has that gotten me? Has that gotten me a ton of new readers? No, in fact my reader count is nothing glamorous to write home about. I don't have a steady stream of followers. I don't have people commenting on here every day nor do I know if people even read this every day. What I do know, is I am no longer concerned if my hand bag is name brand or if my shoes are the hottest item that just came out because that one blogger or that one person told me to get them. I no longer listen to everyone else. I am starting to listen to myself.

Yes, it is hard some days to not go out and buy certain items when I see them, because let's be real and honest here, I love some of the stuff. I love the way it looks and how I look with it but does my bank account? Nope. They money can go to something else more important. Do I need it? Nope. Should I buy it because I am jealous or envious of someone I don't know? Nope. 

I know taking a step back and realizing that I do not need all of these things is helping me out for sure. I am happier and no longer concerned with all of the vain things in life. Now, Yes I do enjoy a nice handbag or pair of shoes every now and then but I no longer blow money to get stuff just to make sure my blog post are up to par. I am only being my self and being real. I wish more bloggers and people were this way. Be you. Do not be someone else. Make your own place in this world. 


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