Thursday, January 19, 2017

Step Bet Week #2 Update

Ok guys, I made it to week 2 of my StepBet. The first week didn't really count and I did not know that but hey I met my stretch goals and my active goals and I am in the habit of it now. This week so far, I have to get 1 more active day and 1 more stretch day. I am allowed one free day but I have yet to take that. I am not sure if I will ever just let myself sit around and take the free day when I am doing StepBet. I want to keep going and stay motivated. If I get lazy, it would be to easy to fall back into the old routines.

I have been doing a lot more of walks and working out on my treadmill at home. Unfortunately, since we have the new puppy, I am not able to get to the gym this week. But even with me not getting there I am managing to stay active. I am super curious to see how many people are still in it next week after the tally of how many people met their goals. As much as I want everyone to succeed, this is a bet (StepBET) and I want that $$. I know that maybe wrong but I do hope a few people drop out and I hope I am not one of them. I have to stay focused and keep my self active and moving!

My thoughts so far on StepBet: 
1. Easy way to stay active.
2. Super fun way to get some FitBit steps in
3. Fun way to meet other people
4. Can be annoying trying to get your stretch goals, BUT I got this.
5. The message board can help you stay motivated with the other players.

I was hoping some other bloggers or my friends would join but I do not think anyone else did so far. If you did, let me know! I would love to see if anyone else I know is playing the same game as me.

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