Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Meet Willow

So, we got a new puppy. I know I wrote awhile back in December about whether or not we should get another dog as we were given the opportunity to get one. Our friends pit bull had puppies and offered us a chance to get one of them. We had been on the fence all of December about it but we finally caved. On Sunday we went over and looked at the puppies and that was it. We got the only female in the litter.

She is bigger than the boys which is UN-usual. We do not know her weight yet but she does go to the vet on Saturday so we will learn it then. She is only 6/7 weeks old but is a big girl already for her age. She is super sassy, always into stuff and hyper. She does whine some but not like we expected. She already sleeps through the night. I only have to take her outside 1-2 times a night and for the most part, she is house broken. We really got an amazing dog. She is super sweet.

Our other two dogs, Zoey and Itsy Bitsy, are not so sure of the puppy. Zoey plays with her some but then gets tired of her and growls at her and runs away. She only deals with her for so long. Itsy is scared of her own shadow so for now, she keeps her distance. She has played with her a few times but for the most part..she hides from the puppy. I hope they learn to love each other but I know it takes time and patience from everyone, including the humans.

So, be prepared for more puppy most and everyone, meet Willow.


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