Monday, January 9, 2017

2017 Running Schedule

I love running and last year, I did not get as many runs/OCR events in that I would of liked to. Starting off 2017 right, I decided to go ahead and register for as many events that I know of already and get on the right track. To help me stay focused and make sure I actually go to the events...I figured I would share them here. 

April- Bow Wow Walk with the SPCA.
          The Hard Cider Run

May-Rugged Maniac (1)
        Scottsville Scoot

June-MadCo Mud Miler

July-Spartan Sprint

October-Rugged Maniac (2)

Now the biggest problem I am running into is that most of my runs conflict with other runs I want to participate in or there are just not as many around here right now which is quite sad. Two years ago, there was a ton of races, color runs, foam glow runs and many more. Not now. It is like it was a fad and it is tickered out. 

If you live in Virginia and know of some fun runs, let me know!! I would love to run them! 

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  1. I was kinda thinking the same thing about fun runs! They don't seem to be as popular as they were a few years ago. I did a couple of color runs and enjoyed them. I think I'm going to tackle a half marathon this year!


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