Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Christmas Traditions

In our house, every year, we have some Christmas traditions that we always do. It is not Christmas if we do not have them. It just does not feel the same. I wanted to share a few things we always do to get us in the Holiday Spirit!

1. Put up the tree! Of course everyone does this but ours has meaning to us and every ornament has a story some thing behind it!

2. Look at Christmas lights. Every year we ride around and look at Christmas lights. We try and find the tackiest, the prettiest and anything we can find. It is a game. If we can park and walk around, even better.

3. Make Christmas cookies. This is my all time favorite. I love making cookies. I never got to do this as a child so I love making them every year and now my niece gets to help me make them. We also gift them to friends and family members.

4. Enjoy Monkey Bread on Christmas morning (I will share that recipe ASAP, stay tuned for that)

5. Watch a Christmas Story all day Christmas Day. I never did this growing up. My husband did. It his tradition that I have adopted since we got married. He loves this movie.

6. Spend time with family. This is the most important part of it all!

What are some traditions that you have to have to make Christmas, Christmas?

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