Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Almost Christmas Time!

You guys I have no idea how it has happened so quickly but it is almost Christmas. This year has flown by and now Christmas is here. I am not done Christmas shopping. I still have a few people to finish shopping for which is stressing me out to the max. I am hoping to finish on Friday. I am also hosting a dinner for my family on Christmas Eve and I have to get everything for that still to. We have not hosted a dinner at my house in a few years so it will be a nice change for us. My grandparents, parents and sister and her children will all be there. It will be nice but stressful. But you know what? It is all worth it. To see the smiles on my families face and to see everyone together and happy..it is all worth it. I love seeing everyone happy and together. To me Christmas is not about the gifts or decorations, it is about being with family and spending quality time together.

This year I have been so busy with my new job I have not had the time I normally do to get things done. Normally I am off work for 2 weeks and I am baking cookies and getting ready for the family dinner. Sorry to everyone that is expecting cookies this year. I do not have the time for cookies unless some magic Christmas Elf shows up at my house and does it for me.

I have a huge list of things I have to get done and the way I see it, whatever gets done, gets done. If it does not, then it is what it is. I can not stress. Christmas is about joy and happiness and family. I am not letting it be about stress. I am putting the focus back on what it should be on. A few family members will not be at my house, but it will be okay. That is their choice, not mine.

Everyone...cross your fingers and toes that I can pull off an amazing Christmas Eve dinner!

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