Monday, October 31, 2016

Negative Comments.

I have had my blog for a few years now and over that time frame, I randomly get some nasty comments or some haters. I shrug them off for the most part and pay them no mind. Almost all of my readers are amazing. They are kind, genuine and full of love. Typically though if I write a post about my dogs, who are pit bulls, I get some nasty comment about how vicious these dogs are and how they should be killed. people can suck a elf for all I care. Someone I get some nasty message sent to me on my Instagram on my weight loss. I like to ignore them for the most part. I do not like to give anyone the attention they are craving. I block them and move on with my life. If I give them the attention the crave then that is giving them what they want. 

I have noticed though on a certain site which shall remain nameless, so many bloggers like to tear each other apart. Why do people feel the need to go on a site, remain anonymous, and tear apart every little aspect of another persons life? If you do not like what that person is writing about, putting on their Instagram or sharing about their life, STOP READING IT. If you think they are fake, STOP READING IT. It is a pretty simple equation to figure out. I figured out. Over the years there has been plenty of bloggers that I outgrew or they changed and I was not into their blog anymore. I just unsubscribed to them. Instead of hate reading someone, tearing them apart and hurting their ego and self esteem, I just stopped reading them. 

As a society, for some reason, we find it acceptable to be mean and malicious online. Why is it that when we are unknown, nameless faces online, is it okay to be hurtful mean girls on the internet? Why is it okay to tear about someone and evaluate that persons life as if we are allowed to judge them? Most of us blog for fun. We blog as an outlet, not a job. I blog for a hobby. I do not need someones approval to do this. If you do not like, do not read it. To many bloggers have stopped blogging over the years because of hate reading, mean comments and people being so mean to them behind a computer screen. 

We need to be kind. We need to practice kindness. If you are sweet, nice and amazing in person, be that online to. Do not be a fake person behind a user name. Be the same person 24/7, no matter who you are and where you are. Do not fall into cliques and cliches. If you think someone is a witch and a horrible person, just ignore them and stop reading what they write. It is simple and everyone can figure it out.

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  1. Throw kindness around like confetti!☺ we never know what someone else may be dealing with privately


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