Friday, October 28, 2016

Finding Your Blogging Niche

When I started blogging 4/5 years ago, I never really knew what I wanted to write about. I would blog about the dumbest stuff sometimes and did not ever know what I was talking about. I remember seeing a few bloggers one day before I ever thought of having a blog and thinking, I can do that. I can do just what they are doing and thinking how easy it looked. Blogging is not easy. It is hard and difficult. For me, the biggest part was finding what I wanted my blog to be about and what I wanted my readers to take from it. I still struggle with that sometimes.

For me, as of lately, my blogging voice/niche is more of a fitness/weight loss/inspiration style. I am focusing on my self, my happiness and where I see my self going from here. Finding my blog niche, is something that has taken a long time. It did not happen over night and it has taken years. It has taken me not blogging for a period of time, it has taken me revamping my blog and finding my self. It takes work, energy and finding your self.

I find that the big things that help with finding what drives me to write:

  • Who wants to read this?
  • Is this something others can relate to?
  • Am I able to help inspire or influence others?
  • Can I grow from my own story and learn from them?
  • Where do I see myself going from this?
  • Is this something I think people will get enjoyment from?
  • Can I get views and comments?
My blog voice/niche is not for everyone and I know that. You have to find what works for you. If you love sports, write about sports. If you love cooking and baking, do that. Do not hide who you are. Feel open to be yourself and write about it. I hid who I was for years on my blog. I was scared to open up and share the real me out of fear I would not be accepted into the blogging community when in all reality, I was the only person not accepting me. Be yourself and everyone else will love you. If they don't, they will not read and you will not have to worry about them. They are not worth the stress. You need to find something you are compassionate about and just write.

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