Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Weight Loss Update

I haven't given an update lately on my weight loss so I figured it was time for one! I have been busting my butt at the gym lately and it has really been showing. I have started adding in more things that 6 months ago I would have never thought of doing. I now tackle those free weights like they are nothing. I did have to ask for help with them in the beginning because they scared the tar out of me. I also have started doing assisted pull ups. I was only doing assisted dips but now I am doing the pull ups. I will be so happy when I can do pull ups on my own. 
So far to date, I have lost 31 pounds. I remember when it was only single digits and thinking I was never going to get anywhere. I didn't give up though. I have just kept pushing my self to keep going. There has been so many times when I just wanted to eat bad or not go to the gym but if I did that, I would still be 195 and hating my self. I am glad I did not give up. Losing weight is not instant gratification. It takes time. It does not happen over night. 
Every month or so I find myself having to add something new into my workout routine. I like trying new things. It is the challenges that help push me and keep me going. On October 1 I am running Rugged Maniac for the 4th time and I am praying that this time, I am able to complete more obstacles with ease. I am the fittest I have been in years and since starting my OCR runs. I hope I can make it up the warped wall at the end so keep your fingers crossed for me!

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