Friday, September 16, 2016

Pitbulls/BSL Discrimination

If you have been reading my blog for any amount of time, you know I am a pit bull owner, lover and furbaby momma. My dogs are my life. The first dog we got together since getting married was a pit/lab mix(Zoey) and Itsy is a pit bull. 
 Last night when I was going for a walk with a friend, a pit bull ran out of its yard to us and was rather defensive. Me, being the lover of pit bulls, asked the owner if I could pet it and when they said yes, I went up to it. The dog was a little aggressive but I chalked it up to the owner having a baby with them. When I recounted this story today to someone they automatically said I was lucky I did not get bit by the dog. They did not know I have pit bulls. I looked at the person and was like what? They wanted to say how mean these dogs were and how they attack people. I had to make a point and tell them that studies prove that pit bulls are one of the most non aggressive dogs ever and that in fact, I own 2 of them. Typically when you meet people that do not like pit bulls and you tell them you own them, they shut their mouths.

I get it, not everyone likes pit bulls. Whatever. I could care less. Do not bash an animal or breed because of one deed that was done. You need to judge it case by case. You can not judge an animal based on the way it was raised. Of course an animal is going to be mean and vicious if it is raised to be that way. My dogs are babies. Itsy is scared of everything. If you raise your voice, she hides. If she sees a rabbit, she runs way. I have the wimpiest pit bull on the earth but if I take her out and about, people are scared to death of her. I walk in a charity walk every year with her to raise money for the SPCA. This past year a little girl was scared of her because she realized she was a pit bull. One of the volunteers asked me to stop, introduce my dog and let the little girl meet her. I am glad I did. This child was raised to hate a dog based on something her parents instilled in her. It is a bias that is unfair. I even have people who know me, my dogs and been around my dogs, but do not like pit bulls and will not watch my dogs at all due to their breeds. It blows my mind!

I love this breed. I will never own another breed of dog. I feel like they are judged poorly and treated wrongfully. People need to give them a chance. Pit bulls are big babies. They just want to cuddle, be loved and lounge around. My dogs are my world. I would do anything for them and if someone were to mess with them, it would be bad news. I am very defensive when it comes to them and when I hear people bashing their breed due to the media misconstruing a report of something I get upset. You can not believe everything you read online or see on tv. These dogs are amazing and deserve the chance to be understood. 
All animal lives matter. 

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