Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Judgemental People.

I need to vent today. A few weeks ago I filmed a short video and posted it on my YouTube channel. It was about my reaction to the Suicide Squad movie and how I thought the Joker was hot. If you want to see the clip, I have included it below. Now, the reason for this post is that I never ever post on my private Facebook any of my social media stuff. My blog is kept mostly secret from my family and friends. My YouTube is the same way. Well I decide to share this video on there. I thought it was funny and wanted to give people a laugh and get some views. I didn't think it would hurt anything.

Now my husband knows all about my blog, Instagram, Facebook, everything. I am very honest with him and I typically run a lot of stuff by him as a respect issue. I do every now and then post some of my weight loss stuff on my private Facebook but not all the time. 
Well..apparently someone felt I am seeking attention. Someone on my private Facebook went to my husband who see's everything I post and told him he needs to give me more attention. That I am seeking to much online and that he obviously isn't giving me enough. Um..excuse me? I show him everything I do online. If I wanted your opinion on my marriage and how much attention I got, I would ask. Now, I do know who this person is and they are way to nosey for their own good.  They do not even have a Facebook and they looked at mine through their wife's page. I feel like I need to delete them off of my page. They are judging me from a funny video I made because I thought a fictional character was hot. I mean are you serious right now?

I am so fed up right now. Why are people so mean? I know I can not please everyone. I know people are going to say rude things. I expect that. I do not expect it from someone I personally know. This was the main reason I never shared anything from my blog and YouTube channel on my private accounts. I didn't want this stuff to happen. 

Has this happened to you? Let me know how I should handle this. Should I delete the video or the people?

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