Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Learn to Have Fun

Over the weekend we had a birthday party for my husband. At said party, we had a slip n slide. Now a slip n slide is super easy to make. All you need is some plastic sheets from Lowes, water and dish soap. BAM..home made slip n slide. Now, when we first set it up everyone was like nope not going down it. It took me and another friend going down the slide before anyone else would do it. The very next day I had all of my nieces over and let them play on it. The same thing happened. They would not go down it until me and my sisters went down. 

At first I was like, ok maybe they are scared, but I think it was more of a they did not want to embarrass them selves. Why are we in a time where we are so worried about what others think? Why can't we just have fun? Why can't we just let loose and forget about what others think about us? I could care less about what someone else thinks about me. We shouldn't let other peoples opinions affect our lives so much that we are scared to have fun and live in the moment. It breaks my heart that my nieces were to worried about what others would think to even try out something new before they saw others try it first.

For that reason...here is a video of me going down the slide because I just do not care! 

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