Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Weekend Recap

I have had a lovely long weekend. I love long weekends. I was off work for a few days. I was able to go away and see family and enjoy a nice relaxing weekend disconnected from my phone, Facebook, and everything else. If you have never taken a trip where you are forced to disconnect from social media, do it. You never realize how much time you waste online until you are not able to actually go online.

We went to West Virginia for a few days to see family for the 4th. We go to Canaan Valley every year. It is so beautiful there. Words do no justice for it. We went for a hike one day and they have this amazing waterfalls there. They are called Blackwater Falls. They are just beautiful. I love going to see them every time we go up there. They are so peaceful and amazing.

We watched fireworks in West Virginia as well. I have a GoPro video of that and will be posting it on here ASAP. I have to finish editing it and get it online. It is super long and my internet is being super slow at editing it so be patient but I will have it up soon. The 4th is a fun holiday. I love getting together with family and friends, having a good time and celebrating our freedom and our country! I hope everyone had an amazing 4th!

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