Thursday, July 28, 2016

Big Brother 18 - Thoughs So Far

Big Brother 18 has been going for about 6-7 weeks now. A lot has happened in this house and it has changed so much. It has gone from one week to where Nicole is on top and in charge, another week where Frank and Bridgette are leading the pack to now where James in finally in charge and it looks like Frank is on his way out the door. I figured I was due for a update on how I think they players are doing on who I think will when the game.
I was sad to see Tiffany go home. I think she would of been great to keep around for a few more weeks and she would of made for great drama with Day. I wish they would of kept her a little bit longer but sadly..she is now home and watching along with us. 
I love Nicole. She is by far one of my favorite players but I think the showmance is not helping her game. I also think she has lied way to much in the house. I know, it is Big Brother and that is what you do in that house but damn girl, try to at least lie to people who do not talk back and forth. I think once Frank is gone this week, Nicole or Day will next. I do not see them winning this game. 
Paulie. I think Paulie is going to win it. Everyone seems to like him..he is playing his cards right and he is winning/losing the right amount of competitions to not be on to many peoples radars. I think as long as he does not piss off to many people, that guy will be the winner of this game. 

This season has already had a ton of drama. It normally takes more time for the drama to start. I feel like there is so much more to come and we have just begun to seen the inanity from this cast.

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