Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Weekend Recap

Why do long weekends go by so fast?? This past weekend just flew by so fast and I feel like I did not get much done. I did not get my house cleaning done that I wanted to and my car is still a mess. I did get to workout at the gym like I wanted to, I did get a few things done that I wanted but not everything that I had planned. 

Friday when I got home from work, we were watering the garden outside and talking when I noticed Zoey had disappeared. Normally the dogs stay right with us and do not like to have us out of their sight. When I found her, I saw she had found a baby deer stuck in our fence down in the woods. Now I am not talking about a a few weeks old baby deer. This was a few days old baby deer. Chris was able to get the baby deer out of the fence, we checked it out to make sure it was okay, we talked to the game warden and we were informed to left it go and its mother would be back at dusk to get it. We have yet to see either one again so I am assuming both are both together safely.
Saturday was gym day. I was at the gym for awhile. I can spend more time there and get more of a workout in on the weekends since I do not have any time constraints. I also feel like there are not as many people there when I get there early in the morning which I prefer. When I go in the evenings, there are a ton of people and it makes it hard to get the equipment I want sometimes. I got a good hour and half workout in Saturday and Sunday and it felt really good.
I also ventured out to PetSmart with Itsy for a blog post. I have never taken her there before so I was worried about how she would act but she was great. There was no other dogs in the store at the time and everyone was super nice to her. You never know how someone will be to her because she is a pitbull but it was nice that everyone was coming up to her and being sweet to her .
I am hoping this week is a good week and goes fast! I am ready for the weekend and a fun filled packed weekend!  

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