Monday, June 20, 2016

Weekend Recap + a request

Why do the weekends go by so fast???? This past weekend flew by. It came and went so fast in a blur that I felt like it was never even here. I had my niece and her friend all weekend long and for someone who does not have kids, entertaining two teenagers all weekend long is exhausting.  I am so used to just going and doing what I want to do all the time and that having them around and doing what they want 24/7 is difficult! When we were in the grocery store shopping on Friday night, they were being loud and noisy and  I could not even concentrate on what I was trying to do. I never realized how much I valued my quiet times when shopping alone. I love my niece and her friend, don't get me wrong, but I love shopping alone and did not realize how much I love it when I go by myself.
When we to the pool Saturday. I love the pool and swimming. I love laying out in the sun, or attempting to as I am extremely pale and do not want skin cancer or to burn. I would much rather stay in the shade half the time and stay semi-pale than be a lobster. I am not the best at swimming but everyone is, so I tend to stay in the shallow areas and watch everyone else. I will go down the slides but you can bet my big butt is swimming as fast as I can to the shallow areas once I come down that slide.
The rest of the weekend was relaxing except for the fact that my father went back in the hospitalDad's health has been going down hill rather quickly lately. He is not even 60. He has RA and Diabetes. In the past few months he has not been able to work, has lost 40 pounds and can not eat any food. He has had to live off of a liquid diet. They believe it is his gall bladder and may do surgery today to get it out. I ask that everyone take a second out of their day to say a quick prayer for my dad that he gets better and that he makes it through this ok!

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