Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Natural Balance Delectable Delight

When it comes to our dogs, we want nothing but the best and with one of our dogs, Itsy Bitsy, she has a grain allergy. Lucky for us, there is Natural Balance Delectable Delights which is Grain Free. Natural Balance was founded on the philosophy of providing pets with premium quality nutrition based on sound scientific principles and backed by a Buy with Confidence program. 

Pet parents can feel confident and trust Natural Balance because they believe in using premium quality ingredients, being nutrition experts offering tools and solutions to find the right formula for your unique pet, ensuring our food is safe by testing to the highest standards and through our satisfaction guarantee.  

With our dogs, they tend to eat whatever they can find and with Itsy have a grain allergy, we have to watch what she eats. She can't have just anything and if she does eat something with grain in it, she will literally turn super read around her snout and she bites the pads off her paws. We can not have that because it hurts her and it breaks my heart to see her in pain.

Knowing that Itsy and Zoey tend to eat whatever they can get their little paws on, I tend to keep a close eye on them at all times. I do not let them get far out of my eye sight. We make sure they get a lot of exercise and lots of love and play time!

Their most favorite thing to do is go on walks and they always lead the way! 

Natural Balance Delectable Delights WetCups are a gourmet blend of wholesome ingredients for complete and balanced health. They come in four flavors: Delectable Delights® Woof’erole, Delectable Delights® Surf ‘N Turf,  Delectable Delights® Duck’en-itas, Delectable Delights® Fish N’ Chicks.  My dogs love all four flavors and I know they will be having these all of the time now. 

Have your pets tried Delectable Delights® products from Natural Balance? Make sure you check out Natural Balance on Facebook and Instagram to learn more and stay in the know with all of their new products and what Natural Balance has going on! Let me know below if your pet loves Natural Balance as well!

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