Tuesday, June 28, 2016

My Fav BB18 Houeguest SO FAR

Big Brother 18 has been on for almost a week now and the house guest have been in the house for about 2 weeks. I have the live feeds so I am able to see a bit more than you see on the show and so far, I already know who I like, who I am unsure of and who needs to be shown the door ASAP. So..here are my favorite house guest so far. *Warning..this may contain spoilers.*

1. Corey.
 He is adorable, good looking and I like him. He seems like a nice guy and part of me hopes he and Nicole start a showmance. I know she is not looking for anything but they are just to adorable to not be together. I hope he sticks around for awhile because he is one of my favorite guys on this season.
2. Nicole. 
I loved Nicole on BB16. She played a good game but and played hard. I hope she wins this season honestly and is my favorite player. It is way to early to tell who is going to win and with Big Brother, it is anyone's game. I am rooting for Nicole though!

3. James.
 I mean who doesn't love this kid? He was a favorite last season and was a no brainer for Big Brother to bring back. He keeps the house laughing and is funny to watch. 

4. Tiffany.
 I did not like her sister last season but I do like her. She seems to be a bit different from her sister and she can think on her own which is good. It was nice to see her side with the Vets and not the newbies. 

5. Frank.
 I don't remember much of Frank from BB14 but I really like him so far and he seems to be a strong competitor. I hope he sticks around awhile because he is one of my favorites. He is one the newbies should keep an eye on!

Who do you like so far?

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