Monday, June 13, 2016

Monster Miler 5k

Over the weekend I ran a 5k OCR where I live. It was at a local camp down the road from my house. I was super excited that finally, I did not have to drive hours away from the house for a OCR race and that I could drive 5 minutes and be there. I really thought this was going to be an easy race. It was not a big race. It was small. I go to the gym typically 5 nights a week. I workout a good bit and I participate in a good bit of OCR/5k's. I completely underestimated this race.

When I first started I felt pretty good about the race. I was doing great, I was passing people and keeping a steady pace. I got to a water obstacle that I did not know about and it was down hill from there. I can not swim very well and my anxiety was like NO Rachel this is not going to work. I had to wrap my legs around a rope and my arms and dangle over a lake and crawl across it. The water was up to my neck and I had to hang on there. I now have a lovely rope burn on my leg and it is killing me. 
After that I ended up hitting my head pretty hard on a hay bale when jumping from one round bale to another and then on the ground. I was pretty mad at myself from that point but sucked it up and kept going. When I got to another obstacle where I ended up falling off some PVC pipe into a mud pit and hit my head yet again, I got up, crawled out the pipe and my husband was standing there and I just started crying. My head was pounding, my leg was killing me and I was so mad that this little race was kicking my ass. I have run countless OCR races with no problem but this little one was killing me. I sat there for a few seconds, cried, got it out my system and took running again. I would of been so mad at myself if I quit. 
My time for this race was 1.26. It took me a hour and 26 minutes. The fastest time for my age group for a girl was 55 minutes so I do not feel totally horrible about ti but I know I could of done better. I could of definitely pushed myself more to run more and try a little harder. After the lake/rope burn, hitting my head twice, I was exhausted and drained and I got into my head way to much. Part of me never wants to run this race ever again but part of me wants to come back next year and tackle this beast and get a better time and show it that I am better than the race!
I am glad I kept with it and finished. I am glad I did not give up. I am disappointed in myself though. I could of done better and I let my injuries get the best of me. I will not let this get me down though and I will have to push past this and keep on trucking!

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