Thursday, June 9, 2016

I Love a 5k!

About 3 years ago I ran my first 5k. I ran it with absolutely no training. I had no idea what i was in for. I thought it would be hard but not super difficult. It was a color run on grounds at UVA. I ran it with a co-worker and my time was 50 minutes. For someone who had not worked out in years, I felt like it was an okay time. The next day though, I paid dearly for not training for that race. I was so sore. BUT the one thing that was amazing that came out of it was a love for running. I am in no way a  runner but I love participating in 5ks and OCR events. 
I have ran a ton of 5k's and other style obstacle course races over the years. I have no idea at the number but I would guess its 50-60 races over the past 3 years. I have run night runs, mud runs, color runs, regular boring runs, cold rainy runs, and everything in between. The only medals I have ever gotten are participant medals and I am okay with that. I am in no way a runner and I understand that but I love a good 5k. I love getting out there and giving it my best. 
My best time for a 5k is around 41 minutes. I have never gotten under 40 minutes and I am fine with that. I have a 35 minute 5k on the treadmill but I am not sure if I will ever have that outside with a 5k on pavement, hills, etc. I am ok not being first. My main goal is not be last.I do not want to kill myself while running but I do not want to be last ever. I want to give it my all, push myself as hard as I can and cross the finish line knowing I tried.
I have to say participating in 5k's and runs is one of my hobbies. It is a hobby I never thought I would grow to love but I do love it. It is addicting. By the time I am done running, I am already looking for my next race to run! When I am running, I typically am cursing myself and trying to figure out why I signed up for the run and why I am doing this to my self. I am always glad though by the time I am done that I did it.
 I do not have a runners build. I do not look like a typical runner. I am chunky. I have a few extra pounds. I am in no way an experienced runner.  I do love it though and I hope one day I will win a medal at one for placing in the top 3 and that one day my time will be under 35 minutes!

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