Monday, May 9, 2016

Rugged Maniac VA 2016 Spring

I finished my 3rd Rugged Maniac over the weekend. It was a blast. This was by far the muddiest race I have ever done. It rained the entire week before the run so it was covered in mud and even the underground obstacle tunnel was filled with water.

This was the biggest team we have ever had for Rugged Maniac. Our team name every race is Suck It Up Cupcakes! We love this race and almost all of us have done it more than once. My friend's sons ran with us as well and they were such a big help. I tried every obstacle except that warped wall and the boys helped us whenever we needed the extra push.

I love running OCR and Rugged Maniac. There is such a huge feeling of accomplishment when you cross that finish line and get your medal. I love doing these and plan on doing the fall race this year as well. 
My legs and arms are tore up from the race. There was a lot of gravel in places that it normally wasn't but hey, whats a little blood and sweat? It was worth every scratch and bruise that I have. If you are thinking of signing up, do it! This is a fun race and worth every penny to do it.

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