Friday, May 27, 2016

Current Weight

I weighed this morning and was actually dreading it. I was scared to death to get on the scale. When I stepped on it, I was convinced I had gained. I had drank over the weekend and yes, I worked out all week but I also had a few things this week I should not have ate. It took me a few minutes before I actually looked at the number and I have lost 2lbs since last week. My current weight is 


I am down 16.4 lbs since January. Now I know that doesn't seem like a ton but for me, it is. I am working super hard at the gym 5 nights a week. I am doing weights, cardio, and strengthening. To see the results is amazing. 
  I am no where near my goal but I am one step closer. Right now I want to get to 175 and then try to get to 165. My ultimate goal is 155 but I want to remain realistic. I am training for the Spartan Sprint this September and I pray I am able to run it and not kill over. I have yet to sign up and I am honestly scared to sign up for it. I will not until I know my body is ready for the journey it will go through and endurance it will need! 

I hope everyone has an amazing weekend!

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