Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Balancing a Blog + Full Time Job

I work full time during the week and it can be very time consuming. There are some days I have to work even when I go home after I have left work. Adding in being a blogger on top of it, and your life is pretty swamped. For me,  I started blogging as a hobby. It was a way to express myself and have fun. It then became a chore. After working full time, going to the gym and coming home, blogging was one of the last things on my mind. It has taken me a long time to find a good balance between everything but I believe I finally found it.

Here are some tips that have helped me balance out my life, work, blogging and everything in between.

1. Write it all down. I write everything down. If I need to do something at work, I write it down. I even have a notebook just for my blog ideas. If I do not write down everything, I forget it and then I am losing good content.

2. Take a ton of pictures. When I am going out to dinner, drinks, vacation or just every day life, I am constantly taking pictures. I know it can get old quick but you will be thankful that you took those pictures. I believe they help the blog post and you are documenting stuff in a fun way.

3. Tell people! I know some of us are scared to tell anyone about our blogs. A lot of us keep them private or discreet and only let a few people know about them.  I have started to tell more people about my blog. I used to be scared/ashamed of it but now that my content has improved, I am not so scared anymore.

4. Don't be scared! Before getting bolder as I am now, I was scared to take pictures out in public of pictures of myself. I always worried what others thought. Not anymore! I will snap a selfie, a picture of my food or anything else that I feel the need to take a picture of. 

5. Take time to be yourself. I find that some bloggers are extremely fake on their blogs. They post "original" content that is not so original. I get that yes, your blog is pretty and has some great stuff on it but do not copy other big bloggers. Make it your own and do something different that no one else has done.

6. Take time out for your blog. I blog at night/weekends. I find that I blog well by just sitting at my kitchen table with noise, the husband and the dogs. It helps me be creative and think of new things to blog about.

7. Make every day things fun. When you go out to dinner/lunch/concerts/etc make them a memorable trip. Make it to where when you look back on it, you are smiling and happy to see it. This also has #2 in it as you can document your night/evening/day with epicures!

8. Make time for yourself. You do not have to blog every day. You do not have to have a picture or some amazing content every single day. I take breaks from blog all the time. If I feel like my content is lacking, I take a step back, breath and give myself time to focus. When I am stressed at work or home, it helps to relax and not worry about the blog!

What are some tips you do to balance everything?

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  1. This is a great reminder. I am terrified to tell people about my blog....


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