Thursday, April 28, 2016

Spartan Race?

Last week I decided that I want to run the Spartan Sprint in September here in Virginia. I have done a ton of research on this race and its pretty intense. Most of my OCR (obstacle course racing) is for fun. I run Rugged Maniac twice a year and I have done a few others like Mudderella.Those runs are not serious. They are fun, you can take your time and skip stuff that you do not want to do. 

Spartan is not that kind of race. 

Spartan is hard. It sucks but is so worth that medal at the end. I read online that if you skip an obstacle/fail at one, you have to do 30 burpees for each one. At first I was like well how do they know if I am doing them? They have people there..making sure. Spartan Sprint is 3-5 miles with a ton of obstacles. I asked a few of the Pro-Team members about it and they have said the Virginia course is tough. 

Last night I started putting burpees into my workout routine. I know that I will be doing them some and I need to be able to do them without it killing me. I did 20 of them last night and about died. It was miserable. I hated it. I plan on doing the same tonight!
Let me know below if you have ran Spartan before. I would love some advice on it! 

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