Friday, April 8, 2016

My Favorite Country Music Stars

If you have read my blog for any amount of time, you would know how much I love country music. I am a big country music lover and I go to many concerts a year. I try to do anything I can to see my favorite stars. I enter contest from online to radio ones and go to any I can afford to go to. I have a set of artist I love the most though.

Miranda Lambert...
She is amazing. The first time I saw her in concert I was blown away. She made me feel amazing and was all about girl power. She doesn't need a man to make her feel good, she sings what she wants and she tells it how it is. She is by far the fiercest country singer out there.

Thomas Rhett...
I won a contest back in January and I was able to workout with Thomas Rhett and his crew.Most people wouldn't think about having an amazing workout with a country singer but it was by far one of the best moments in my life. I have seen him a few times in concert and he is always amazing.

Luke Bryan...
I have not seen him in concert YET but in a week I will. THANK GOD! He is an amazing singer and has an amazing booty. What more do you need?

Jason Aldean...
I have seen Jason Aldean in concert a few times and each time he gets better and better. He has an amazing show, nice tight jeans, and he always includes the audience. 

What are some of your favorite country music acts? Let me know below!

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