Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Luke Bryan Concert

Over the weekend I went to the Luke Bryan concert here in Charlottesville. I was given a ticket last minute from a friend which was amazing. Luke Bryan is one of my favorite singers and I have never seen him before until Saturday. His show was amazing! He is so talented and looks incredible! I am rarely disappointed when I go to a country concert, but by far, this was one of my favorite concerts so far. 

Of course, every person who goes to a country concert knows, wear boots, jeans and a flannel. Those are the staples of a country concert. It was a sea of flannel at John Paul Jones arena Saturday night.    

One of my favorite parts is people watching at concerts. People do not care what they do/act/dance in front of others. There was a bunch of guys below us dancing and we cheered them on. They were hilarious, blowing kisses and stuff at us. It definitely helps the time pass when they are changing the stage.

My seats were in a box which, you can't beat that. I prefer to be in the pit or front row but the box is so much fun. The view is amazing, you can do what you want and you are away from everyone else. I would recommend the box for everyone! It is a completely different experience that with regular seats.

I recommend everyone go see Luke Bryan in concert. He had Little Big Town with him, which were amazing and could of had their own tour. He sang all of the good songs and he shook his booty for all to see. I am pretty sure my ovaries exploded by the end of the concert. 
Let me know if you have seen him in concert and what was your favorite thing about it!

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