Thursday, March 10, 2016

TTC Update #9

I had to come post about our TTC journey today. It will be 2 years this August that we have tried to have a child. I have had so much blood work done and test ran on me, that I am getting TIRED of it. I have done 3 rounds of Clomid, each time the Clomid increases 50mg. I just finished 150mg round a few weeks ago. I had some blood work done yesterday and finally got my results. 


After months and months of trying to get my system in line, I am ovulating. I will continue on the 150mg of Clomid for 6 cycles. After that, we will have to get Chris tested if I do not get pregnant. I have PCOS and that makes this that much harder. I am really hoping that my system is getting back in line and figuring its shit out.

I am asking everyone to pray for us. We want this more than anything and the fact that I am getting closer to possibly getting pregnant, mean so much to me. I do not want to get my hopes up but I pray this happens soon. The journey has been long and stressful and I am finding it hard to be happy for others that are going through what I want to go through.

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