Thursday, March 31, 2016

So I have discoverd a new fun app!! Now I know most people think it is just for teenagers but it isn't. There are just as many adults as kids and it is fun to play on. I downloaded the app months ago but only just started playing with it, this past week. I must say, I am addicted. I am still learning the tricks of the app and figuring out the camera angles but I am having fun doing so! is an app where you can lip sync to songs, comedy sketches and upload ororiginal content. It is similar to vine except not as many people seem to be on it. 
I have uploaded a few videos already and I am having way to much fun with it than I probably should have! If you have a, leave your username below and I will follow! Make sure you go follow me. My username is
Let me know in the comments if you follow!!

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