Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Bow Wow Walk + a favor

I am participating in the Bow Wow walk again this year. The Bow Wow Walk is a event to raise money for the SPCA that is here. You get to bring your pup and have a fun day with events and a good distanced walk. Last year I set a goal of raising $250.00 and I met that goal. This year I am trying to do the same thing. 
Last year I took Itsy Bitsy and I had a blast. The team I was on, Natural Pet Essentials, raised the most money and that makes me proud to say I was a part of that. I am asking everyone to please donate. It can be $5.00 to whatever amount you would like to give. All donations matter and count! Please take a few moments and go to my page and donate. If it ask for a name of the particpatant you want to sponsor, look for me..Rachel Silski! Click here!
You can also click the picture below to be taken to the site!

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