Monday, February 29, 2016

Weekend Recap

This weekend was another jam packed weekend but it was so much fun. I love having things to do on the weekends. I hate just sitting at home with nothing to do but clean the house. In the spring, I am typically pretty busy. 

Saturday I went and met up with my best friend. I do not get to see her that often but we talk every day and I would be lost without her. She lives 2 hours away and we are able to meet halfway between and hang out for a few hours every now and then. We ate at Cracker Barrel and then we went to Starbucks and just saw for a few hours and talked. It was amazing to just relax with no distractions and just talk. 

I didn't get home until like 6 and then we wanted to watch the UVA basketball game, which we beat UNC! Go Hoos!! We went to some friends and watched the game with them. It was such a close game and had me biting my nails a good bit. If you do not like UVA Basketball, then we can not be friends. They are such a good team! I was able to sneak this picture of me and Chris. He never takes pictures so when I get them, I gotta make them count! 

Yesterday it was so pretty here. It was 69 degrees outside and I actually had the AC on in the car because it was hot. I loved every bit of it. I think winter is finally gone from here and that makes me so happy. I went to Wine and Design yesterday. I have done this class so many times that I have lost track. I did the paint your pet class. I was super nervous as I normally only paint scenery and not my pet. I am very happy with how it turned out. 

After Wine and Design, I came home to a messy home and had to put away 5 baskets of clothes. That sucked. Completely sucked! My husband sat in the chair and watched me work while he cuddled Itsy. 

This weekend went by fast but it was so much fun and I enjoyed every moment of it! I hope next weekend will be the same! 

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