Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Weekend Recap

So I am a few days late on a weekend recap. I am sorry but after writing about Thomas Rhett, I couldn't find another post that I loved as much as that one. I had an amazing weekend though and I wanted to share it on here!
Of course Friday was the workout at Snap Fitness with Thomas Rhett and then I went to the Thomas Rhett and Jason Aldean concert on Friday evening. It was a blast. The thing with country concerts, it brings ALL TYPES out for the show. I saw kids, older folk, young people and someone people who looked miserable at the show. I for one, danced the entire time and did not stop until I got home!

Saturday we went for a hike with some friends. At first I was not feeling it. I was so sore from my workout with Thomas Rhett that all I wanted to do was lay on the couch. Now, hiking with the husband is not easy. It isn't lets go down this path to this path. It is, lets leave the path for the woods and get scratched by prickles and crawl under fences. Not fun. I am glad I went even though I fussed the entire time. It helped loosen up my muscles. 
Sunday, I had free tickets to the UVA Women's Basketball game against Clemson. I have only been to one other game and I loved it. It was not the most fun game on Sunday but we won, it was a breast cancer themed game and I was with friends. 
This weekend was jam packed and a blast. I am so excited to have another weekend like that again!

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