Friday, February 5, 2016

Doggy Cuddles Heal

Last night, I had a horrible migraine. I used to get them all the time but they finally went away. I am not sure what triggered last nights migraine but it was miserable. I had to lay down in the dark, with no noise and hope it would go away. It made me sick to my stomach and I was over it. I laid down in our bed and the dogs both came in the bedroom and laid me with me. Now normally, I want to be alone be for some reason I was glad they were back there with me. Itsy got directly in my face and laid down. She put her head on my neck and went to sleep. I swear her cuddling me and distracting me is what made my head not hurt anymore.
This little dog is a big baby. She is a pitbull and she has her own little quirks about her. She has a under bite, her tail is bent and her back leg will not go straight. She is scared of just about everything but the one thing she is amazing at, is cuddles. Every evening she wants to cuddle and just lay in my lap. She hates loud noises, other animals scare her and she a wimp but I love her. 
I am such a bully breed lover. I know some people do not like pit bulls but I believe they have the biggest hearts of all. They are so gentle and sweet. I plan on only having this breed as a pet. They are judged and abused and it is not right. 
If you need your day to brighten up, go hug a pitbull!

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