Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Current Favorite TV Shows

I feel like every year I fall in love with new shows. Sometimes the shows are older and I am catching all of the re-runs after the show has gone off the air or sometimes it is a new show and I watching it from the start and I am in the know. I feel like lately my TV show taste have you changed so much. Over the years I have watched so many things and sometimes I am pretty picky over what I watch.

i...House. I know this show has been off the air for ages but we just started watching it and I love it. I work in a hospital so it is funny to see how different the TV show is from real life. I love House. He is so funny though and I find myself not able to turn it off.
You know who else would be drift compatible?
ii...2 Broke Girls. This is a good show. I wasn't sure of it at first but I love Max and Caroline and their silly banter back and forth. I can sit on the couch and watch them for hours. Now I am coming into the 2 Broke Girls show with it being on the air for a few seasons already but I am loving catching up with it!

iii...Pretty Little Liars. I mean honesty, this show is amazing. I have watched it from Day 1. I feel like I have grown up with these girls. I do have to admit that in no way would this ever happen, ya know, girls tormented for years from mystery people. I mean who have they pissed off now? I am excited to see who killed Charlotte and I think it is a Liar!!

I am waiting for March to get here so Once Upon a Time will be back on the air and Quantico. Let me know of some good shows below that I should be watching!

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