Monday, February 8, 2016

Consignment Finds

Over the weekend I decided to give consignment shopping a second chance. I went last week and found the cutest sweater dress from Loft and I got so happy that I wanted to do it again. I went on Saturday with my niece to the Goodwill and a local consignment store here where I live. I didn't take a ton of pictures of everything but I did take some pictures of my favorite items that I got. We only spent $40.00 and we got 9 items! That is amazing! I am not sure why I did not try shopping at consignment stores before!

I am actually wearing the brown sweater dress today. It has not one sign of being worn..ever! I am pretty sure it is brand new. I got the flower dress for the beach this year and the other one for work. I was pleasantly surprised with my finds on Saturday. 

Let me know if you go shopping at consignment shops as well!

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