Thursday, January 21, 2016


If you did not know by now, it is going to snow a shit ton of snow in Virginia starting tonight until Saturday. Some forecast are saying up to 2 feet. I do not want 2 feet of snow. I am fine with a 3 inches. We do not need more than 3 inches of snow. What drives me the most nuts about this is that people freak out. There is no bread to be found within a 2 hour drive, no milk and some stores are out of fruit and vegetables. Shit has gotten real!

My work has already closed for tomorrow so I do not have to worry about driving in the mess. I do have to worry about my husband plowing the drive is about a 1/2 mile long so he will be on the tractor for a long time. I get the fun job of shoveling the cars out. YAY ME! The best part about shoveling is that it is an amazing workout so that is the plus side to it. The bad is shoveling snow. Who wants to do that?  I also pray we do not lose power and that the pipes do not freeze.

If you are in Virginia or anywhere affected by this insane snow storm, be safe and if you have to drive, be careful! People tend to drive like maniacs in the snow! We are lucky to have a F250 but it can still get stuck. No one is invincible. Remember that!
 If you need me starting tomorrow, check my instagram or snapchat (username rlbean1987)! I will be posting some fun stuff there all day long!

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