Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Snow Storm 2016

If you have watched the news at all lately, the East coast got slammed with snow. Winter in Virginia is very odd. It is either all or nothing. We had over 2 feet of snow at our house. It snows from Friday morning until Saturday evening. After this weekend, if it would never snow again, I would be fine with it. I shoveled so much snow that my back is hurting today and so if my right heel. I know I got a good workout but dang it, I hate shoveling snow. 
The dogs loved the snow we got at first. The played in it a bunch on Friday. This was the calm before the storm. After Friday, they were done. They refused to go off the porch and preferred to pee on the deck in the snow instead of the 2 feet of snow on the ground. I can't say i blame them, if snow covered my head I wouldn't want to go out in it either!

I definitely did not eat the best while being snowed in and I did not workout like I should have. I did shovel a shit ton of snow and I feel like that makes up for it. I did finally do some Zumba last night and taking a few days off was bad for me. I need to stay with it.

After shoveling all of the snow, a Lush bath was in order. I am addicted to Lush products and having a bath bomb when you are achy from the snow, is magical. I spent a good 45 minutes just laying in the tub and reading a book. It was so quiet and peaceful and I really needed it to help me relax. 

Right now, I do not want any more snow this year. We got way to much than what we needed. Luckily it will be warm this week and it should melt quickly. It could of been worse. My friends in WV got around 3 feet of snow. We are lucky, we have a tractor and are able to plow our own driveway. We did not lose power nor did we go crazy!

Let's all say a prayer for no more snow!

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