Saturday, January 30, 2016

Crazy Dog Mom

I have finally become one of those crazy dog moms. I made one of my dogs an Instagram. I have noticed that every time I upload a picture of Itsy Bitsy, people go nuts over her. She gets the most likes out of all of my photos on Instagram. I have seen so many people make an account for their pet, so I had to finally join in!

This dog has got 8 followers in only a few hours. It took me forever to get past 10. My dog is going to end up being cooler than me. If you have an Instagram account, go follow Itsy Bitsy! Just click here to follow

Now I know I have 2 dogs and I only made an account for one. I do plan on putting Zoey on this account but for now, it is Itsy Bitsy. She is my baby girl and my little princess. Let me know if you go and follow!!

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