Friday, January 8, 2016

5 On A Friday

I realize I have not done a 5 on a Friday in forever! I love these and I need to post them more often. I feel like my blog is negative or sad at times and these are nice little pick me ups!!

one. Me and the hubs are getting fit. My work provided free Fitbits for everyone on the health plan. I grabbed 2 and I am already using mine. I am staying under my calories for the day and going well over my steps needed. Work wants us to get 5000 steps in a day and I am averaging 10,000 a day.
two. I ordered some new clothes from Maurices. I got this cute little skirt and top combo. I have been wanting a tulle skirt forever now and this one is perfect. It is not overly big and will fit nice.
three. This was my first week back at work after the holidays and having 2 weeks off. Surprisingly it has went well. I am not overly tired, my cold is going away and I am ready for the weekend. I have a pretty awesome job and I actually love getting to come to work. I work with some amazing people and work is not a stressful place for me anymore.
four. I finally started using my Vine account! Click here if you want to follow. I have made a few Vines in the past but I am going to try and make some fun ones on there! Let me know if you are following so I can follow you back!
five. It is the weekend! I literraly have not one thing planned for this weekend. I want to get my Christmas tree down and put away. I want my house cleaned so more than likely, it will be a cleaning weekend which is needed in our house after being sick for 2 weeks. My husband will hates this but I love it!

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