Thursday, December 29, 2016

Chocolate Eclair Cake

A few days ago I said I would share the Chocolate Eclair Cake. This is one of the easiest cakes I have ever made. It is no bake and super easy to make. You can not mess this up. I made this for Christmas Eve dinner for my family and there was none of it leftover. Everyone loved it and a few even took the recipe home. I got the recipe from a friend and it is now a hit in my family!

What you need:

2-4 oz boxes French Vanilla instant pudding
1 container of chocolate icing
2 Boxes of graham crackers (I only used one)
2 large cool whips thawed


Whisk the 2 puddings and 3 1/2 cups of milk together. Put them in the fridge for 20 minutes or until it becomes thick. Then "fold" in the cool whip. Layer your pan starting with graham crackers, then pudding, ending in graham crackers.
Place icing in your microwave (after you remove the lid and foil on top) for 30 seconds; stir and repeat until it is pour-able. Pour over the top and use a spoon to distribute. Refrigerate over night.

Let me know if you make it and how you like it!! 


Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Christmas Recap

Christmas has come and gone..sad face. My Christmas was amazing this year. We had a jam packed schedule this year and I felt like we were going 100 mph but I would not of had it any other way. I absolutely loved every minute of this year.

We had a big Christmas Eve dinner with my family at my house. I spent all day Christmas Eve cleaning, cooking and then hosting my family. I had around 15 people in my house and after it was all said and done, I was absolutely exhausted by the time every one had left my house. On Christmas Day, we spend the morning/breakfast with my in-laws, opening presents and watching A Christmas Story. It is a tradition we have every year and we always do the same thing. After that we went to a friends house for a few hours which was something new and it was fun. It was nice to actually see friends on Christmas for once. We never do that and our friends our family to us. We also had a nice small dinner with my in-laws as well.

After all the dinners, driving, presents, cooking and cleaning, I was exhausted, tired, and over food. I had to come back to work to get rested! I am looking forward to New Years Eve now. We always have amazing get together with friends!  I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Christmas Traditions

In our house, every year, we have some Christmas traditions that we always do. It is not Christmas if we do not have them. It just does not feel the same. I wanted to share a few things we always do to get us in the Holiday Spirit!

1. Put up the tree! Of course everyone does this but ours has meaning to us and every ornament has a story some thing behind it!

2. Look at Christmas lights. Every year we ride around and look at Christmas lights. We try and find the tackiest, the prettiest and anything we can find. It is a game. If we can park and walk around, even better.

3. Make Christmas cookies. This is my all time favorite. I love making cookies. I never got to do this as a child so I love making them every year and now my niece gets to help me make them. We also gift them to friends and family members.

4. Enjoy Monkey Bread on Christmas morning (I will share that recipe ASAP, stay tuned for that)

5. Watch a Christmas Story all day Christmas Day. I never did this growing up. My husband did. It his tradition that I have adopted since we got married. He loves this movie.

6. Spend time with family. This is the most important part of it all!

What are some traditions that you have to have to make Christmas, Christmas?

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Almost Christmas Time!

You guys I have no idea how it has happened so quickly but it is almost Christmas. This year has flown by and now Christmas is here. I am not done Christmas shopping. I still have a few people to finish shopping for which is stressing me out to the max. I am hoping to finish on Friday. I am also hosting a dinner for my family on Christmas Eve and I have to get everything for that still to. We have not hosted a dinner at my house in a few years so it will be a nice change for us. My grandparents, parents and sister and her children will all be there. It will be nice but stressful. But you know what? It is all worth it. To see the smiles on my families face and to see everyone together and is all worth it. I love seeing everyone happy and together. To me Christmas is not about the gifts or decorations, it is about being with family and spending quality time together.

This year I have been so busy with my new job I have not had the time I normally do to get things done. Normally I am off work for 2 weeks and I am baking cookies and getting ready for the family dinner. Sorry to everyone that is expecting cookies this year. I do not have the time for cookies unless some magic Christmas Elf shows up at my house and does it for me.

I have a huge list of things I have to get done and the way I see it, whatever gets done, gets done. If it does not, then it is what it is. I can not stress. Christmas is about joy and happiness and family. I am not letting it be about stress. I am putting the focus back on what it should be on. A few family members will not be at my house, but it will be okay. That is their choice, not mine.

Everyone...cross your fingers and toes that I can pull off an amazing Christmas Eve dinner!

Friday, December 16, 2016

Life Lately

Life lately has been super busy. I started my new job a few weeks ago and it has been amazing. I am learning so much and I love it. That is part of the reason I have not blogged as much. I am just way to busy and do not have the time, so I am sorry. I love my blog still and I am blogging when I have the time. I figured I could give a few of the big key things I have done lately since I have lacked on my post!

1. I went and participated in the Santa Fun Run. It was a benefit walk/run to help people that have disabilities. I took Itsy Bitsy with me and it was a blast. We wore Santa Suits and she had on a little Santa dress. People loved her and kept asking to pet her. The local news paper took her picture and it was awesome.

2. Working out. I am working out harder than ever. I slacked off a few weeks ago and gained 5 pounds back. I have lost most of it but I am 3 pounds away from 155. I am so ready to be there and it can not get here soon enough. I am worried I will never hit 155 but I will not give up. I am confident in myself and know I can do it. I am happy with my progress and I see my body toning up.

3. I signed back up for Rugged Maniac for this spring. This will be my 5th time running. I am pumped for the race. The medals have changed and the shirts. I love this OCR race. It is the best one around.

Other than work, working out, my dogs, or Christmas shopping, not much has happened on my end. I know how boring this sounds. I promise to be better about updating the blog though! Stay tuned and I will have more entertaining post!


Thursday, December 15, 2016

To Get a New Puppy?

Itsy Bitsy from the Santa Fun Run (Picture courtesy of the Daily Progress)
Recently we have been given the opportunity to get a new puppy. Now, I know, we already have 2 and they are my babies. They are my world and I love them to death. I do not have children and if you are a long time reader, you know they are my kids and I would not give them up for anything. In fact, I am highly allergic to my dogs and still keep them and they even sleep in my bed. I suffer through because I love them so much. I am moron but those faces, who can deny those faces!
Okay, let's get this train back on track. One of our friends has pitbull/lab puppies. One of our dogs is that breed and she is amazing. I am a big pitbull advocate. Itsy is a pitbull, Zoey is a mix. Last night, I was messaging the person with the dogs and we were going back and forth on the puppies. We prefer female dogs. The males hump to much and I do not have time for the peeing on everything. The only have one female in the litter and we have dibs on her if we want her.
Here is my dilemma. We already have 2 amazing dogs and they are spoiled rotten. It has taken a lot of training and sacrifice to get them to where they are today. Itsy is my baby and would be very upset if we got another dog. It is really hard for me to say no to a cute puppy though. House breaking a dog is such a challenge. It takes time, patience and effort. I am in a new job and I am working more so my husband would have to stay up more with this dog. I did Itsy's training which is why she is rammed so far up my butt it is not funny.
I know a lot of people have more than 2 dogs. One of my friends has 6 beagles and another has 5 French Bulldogs. I am not sure what we will do but my heart wants the dog but my head says no. What would you do??

Friday, December 9, 2016


You know, for the past 3 years or so, my husband and I have tried to have a child. Unfortunately, I was diagnosed with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome). Now, to get this lovely diagnosis, it takes a good year, multiple doctor visits and a ton of lab work. The entire time while you are doing this you are going through an emotional roller coaster of am I pregnant or not?  So, I do not ovulate when I am supposed to and I have higher levels of hormones and a few other things that completely suck. I was put on metformin to try and regulate it and when that did not do the job I did 6 rounds of clomid. As of today, I still have no baby. My next step if I want to try the medical route, is IVF.  I can not afford IVF. It is pricey and I am not going to do that. I wish I could afford it but I can not. I was put back on birth control to help me have a regular period but that has made me the spawn of satan and given me super bitch syndrome lately. So..this brings you full circle.
Now, I am having normal periods again thanks to birth control. My buddy, my pal. My husband and I have decided to stop taking it and that we will leave it up to God and whatever else is in place at this point. If my periods decide to go MIA once again, which before they did. They would come once every few months for a day or so and run away again. If I get pregnant I do, if I don't, I don't.
You know, you spend your entire life trying to not get pregnant and not have something only to when you want it, you can not have it. I see people every day with children who do not appreciate them, take care of them and I would give anything for that. I know I could adopt, but here in the ole USA, that is super $$$$. I would have to go outside the US for that. I want a child of my own. I know that is selfish but I do. A few bloggers have went through what I am going through. They went through the stress of trying but now, they have their babies. I am stuck here with nothing. I get tired of hearing the just keep trying, stop stressing, your trying to hard, you need to try this, etc...etc..etc. No one knows how emotionally draining it can be to want a child and your body is like nope, I can't do this. This is the one thing I am supposed to be able to do and I can't. As a woman, I am supposed to be able to make a baby and I am unable to. I am defective. That is a big hit to my ego and my self esteem. It is so hard when everyone around me is having children and I am the only one not. I just do not know what to do sometimes.
I am hoping that at some point we are blessed with a child but I do not want to get my hopes up. All I can say is pray for us and hope that we will have good news one day.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

It's Beggining to Look Alot Like Christmas

You guys, I could not wait any longer to get my Christmas Tree up. I have been begging my husband for weeks to put the tree up and he always puts me off for as long as possible. I am a nut about the holidays and the sooner I get that bad boy up, the happier I am. This time, I used my niece as bribery to get the tree up over the weekend. How can you say no to your sweet, 12 year old niece right? It worked like magic and all of my Christmas decorations are now adoring my house. 

Now every chance I get, I want to turn the tree on. I have the tree on when I am getting ready for work in the mornings, even if its only for a few minutes, I have it on the minute I get home until I leave for the gym and until I go to the bed. I love, love, love my tree. 

The big part of the holidays for me is not the gifts or the money, it is the decorations, the feel of everything and spending time with family. I love the lights, the spirit and just the environment. I could sit in my living room watching sappy Hallmark Christmas movies with the tree on every evening and be completely content. These are things that make my heart fill with joy! 

I hope everyone else is starting to enjoy the Holiday season as much as I am!

Monday, November 28, 2016

Weekend Recap.

I just had 5 days off work. 5 glorious days off work. It was refreshing and amazing. There is nothing better than taking a few days off work, having an amazing Thanksgiving holiday thrown in the mix, spending time with family and enjoying the atmosphere and holiday spirit. I felt like it flew by but that is only because I had an amazing time and enjoyed every minute of it.
I ran the Turkey Trot 5k and was able to shave 10 minutes off my 5k time. My normal 5k time was usually 45 minutes. I was able to run it in 34 minutes and came in 25th place out of 70 people. I was 12th out of the women. I always wanted to run the Turkey Trot and I am so glad I did. I was able to push my self since losing weight and it was great. This was the first 5k I have ran in awhile that was not a OCR race.

We also had a fabulous Thanksgiving with family from WV. We spent all day with them. There is nothing better than spending time with family that you have not seen in while. For me, I have went through a lot over the years and lost a lot. Spending time with family matters more to me than anything else. We choose to not go shopping on Black Friday. We choose to spend it with each other and spend quality time with each other that we all needed. To me, that is what the holiday is about. Not spending a ton of money on stuff or blowing off the holiday to go stand in crowds to get the hottest new toy.

I hope more people spent time with their families instead of shopping. Years from now, the toys and tvs will not matter. Your family will.  

Monday, November 14, 2016

New Beginnings

Recently I decided to take a few steps in my life to some new beginnings and fresh starts in my life. I had to much negativity going on in my life and realized I needed to make a change. I had some people making things in my life difficult, so I changed a few things to make my life, what I wanted. I have cut a few people out, added a few people, and I even changed careers. The last one was the hardest one to do but was very much needed so. I don't stand for drama at the work place and I do not tolerate anyone bringing me down. 

This has been the year of me. I have lost weight, started toning up, re-built my self-confidence so why not work on my career, my friendships and form them to how I want them? I went to school and I have 2 degrees that I have worked so hard for. My student loans remind me of that every month when I make that payment. I haven't worked in my field in 1.5 years. I miss it. I miss it very much. Starting in a few weeks I will be back in it. I miss the professionalism, the class, and the level of ownership that I am used to being around. I am not saying that currently I do not have that but I do miss it. 

A lot of things have changed for me over the past year and they are all for the better. I do not regret one thing. I do not regret making myself goals and promises to myself. When New Years rolled in, I made myself promises, goals and I wrote them down. I wanted to be healthier. I wanted to be able to wear clothes and feel sexy and happy. I didn't want to be frumpy and hide myself any longer. I am finally getting to that point where I am confident enough in myself. I am so happy with myself that I was able to push myself this far. No one can or will stop me. You are your worst enemy and the only person who can stop yourself. Do not ever give up. 

Because I believed in my self I was able to do so much.
  • New career.
  • Lose 40 pounds
  • Regain my self confidence
  • Find my self again
  • Be happy
These things matter so much more to me than I ever thought they would. Earlier in the year I said this would be the Year of Rachel, and it truly has been and the year is not ever over yet. I am so happy with myself and I can not wait to see what I do in the next 12 months! 

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Advil® Film-Coated tablets+ 9 Tips for the Perfect Tail Gate

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #RaceDayRelief #CollectiveBias

If you have read my blog for the past few years, you know I am a big race day fan! I have been to a few races here in Virginia and every time I go I love to get there early and tailgate. We make an entire day of it. The only thing with getting somewhere at around 9:00/10:00 in the morning and staying all day for a night race, is you tend to party hard, have fun, you can get some aches and pains. Luckily there is Advil® Film-Coated tablets. They have a rapid release formula and it goes to *work in minutes on tough pain. For me, we love to play games, walk around which can make your feet ache, just have a good time. You can get a head ache, drink to many beverages, have a back ache. Nothing is faster on tough pain! You can even use it for menstrual cramps ladies! 

 Now while at race day, you want to enjoy your self, especially if you plan on being there all day and if you tailgate. So here are some of my tips for tailgating and how to have a good time while doing so.

 Tips for Tailgating:

1.  Bring cornhole boards. You will see rows and rows of these boards. I love mine as they are bright pink and always stand out!

2. Go check out all the vendors! There is always vendors giving away free stuff. You can score tons of free swag.

3. Pack a bag of necessities! You never know what you will need. Make sure you bring Advil® Film-Coated tablets as you more than likely someone will have a back ache, headache or some sort of other ache than will need cured. I keep mine in my purse!

4. Take pictures in the tourist signs. We have a big LOVE sign here at our racetrack. I always take a picture in it every time I go to race day!

5. Bring food. Lots and lots of food. You can never go wrong with food. You will find your self surprised at how much the food cost at the event so it helps to bring what you want to eat, with you. 

6. Make sure you bring a tent and chairs. When you get tired from all that walking around, your feet are hurting, and you just took that Advil® Film-Coated tablet for your feet or headache, you are going to want to sit under the shade and rest for awhile.

7. Find a driver you like and try and meet them. I like Ty Dillon. He drives the #95 car and is a good driver! You can even meet some of the drivers during the day at special events. Make sure you find out ahead of time where the meet and greets are and try and get into them to meet Ty Dillon! 

8. Bring music. You will want something to jam out to all day long while you are playing games, eating and socializing with friends. 

9. Enjoy the race and race day. I have been to multiple races at different venues and they are all different. Get out there, enjoy them and have fun!

I have been to multiple races at different venues and they are all different. Get out there, enjoy them and have fun! Never let a ache or pain stop you again from enjoying race day and experiencing the fun that race day. If you aren't able to make it the track, make sure you tune in on November 20th for the Ford Ecoboost 400 in Miami and support Ty Dillon and the #95 car! Make sure you stop by Walmart today and pick up Advil® Film-Coated tablets for all your aches and pains! Also click here for a coupon to save money on Advil® Film-Coated tablets.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Blog from the Heart

Some days I do not feel like blogging. Other days, it just pours right out of me. Today, I had a post I was working on. My weekend recap. I just did not feel it. When I write on here, I want it to feel right, I want it to come from my heart, my fingertips, my inner-being and be something I am proud of. I can say honestly, that sometimes, I would just blog to get something up on my blog to get views. That is not the case anymore. If I do not have something worth blogging about, I will not put it on here. If I do not believe in it, it will not make it up on here.

I find that you have to blog about what makes you, you. You have to blog about what inspires you and what makes you happy and puts a smile on your face. For me, that is my husband, my family, my dogs, working out and so many other things. For me blogging, is a hobby. I want it to always be fun. I want it to feel like a place I can come to and write and share things and not feel like a job or a chore. This is my safe place. My zen. My zone. 

When I first started out, I had no idea what I was doing. I would try and mimic other bloggers and copy them. Now a days, I have my own niche and style. It is what works for me. Do I have the best photography and writing skills? NOPE! But I do have something that works for me and I love it. I think once you find that place that you love, you will know. It took me revamping my blog for me to love it again. It took me getting a complete makeover to show who I really am. I have lost weight, found myself, re-made who I am so why shouldn't my blog reflect that? That is why it changed. It changed to reflect me and who I am. I blog from my heart. Everything on here is from me. Everything is because it means something to me or it is something I love. Sure I do sponsored post here and there but for the most part, this blog is my baby and I love it. 

If you take one thing from this, take that you should blog for you. Do not blog for the views or for the glory. Do not make your blog conform to the "popular" blogger standard. Make it your own and make it about you. Then, you will be happy. You will fiend that blogging niche you have been looking for and will know exactly what you have been searching for. Blog from the heart! ❤


Thursday, November 3, 2016

25 Blog Post Ideas

I know for me, some days I find it hard to write a blog post. I sit there forever and scratch my head and just stare at the computer screen. For me, blog post ideas always help my come up with something to write. Here are 25 post ideas that anyone can use to help them blog!

1. Create a Pinterest board of favorite things 
2. Whats in your bag?
3. Who are your favorite bloggers and why?
4. Your favorite blog post.
5. Your biggest fear!
6. Your dream job. 
7. Let your pet guest post! 
8. Something you can't live without!
9.Tips for a new blogger.
10.  Favorite makeup hacks!
11.  Give a good story from your past!
12. Your favorite book or movie and why!
13. Talk about your favorite hobby!
14.  Favorite childhood memory.
15. Why you started your blog?
16. Biggest Regret?
17. Favorite meals.
18.  How did you come up with your blog name?
19. Talk about your spouse!
20. Favorite vacation spot?
21. One brand you would love to work with and why?
22. What is your favorite app?
23. Do you have a travel wish list?
24. What is on your bucket list?
25. A day in the life of you! 

Let me know of any other ideas that you think are good ones and I will add them to the list. I know these always help me when I am in a jam!

Monday, October 31, 2016

Negative Comments.

I have had my blog for a few years now and over that time frame, I randomly get some nasty comments or some haters. I shrug them off for the most part and pay them no mind. Almost all of my readers are amazing. They are kind, genuine and full of love. Typically though if I write a post about my dogs, who are pit bulls, I get some nasty comment about how vicious these dogs are and how they should be killed. people can suck a elf for all I care. Someone I get some nasty message sent to me on my Instagram on my weight loss. I like to ignore them for the most part. I do not like to give anyone the attention they are craving. I block them and move on with my life. If I give them the attention the crave then that is giving them what they want. 

I have noticed though on a certain site which shall remain nameless, so many bloggers like to tear each other apart. Why do people feel the need to go on a site, remain anonymous, and tear apart every little aspect of another persons life? If you do not like what that person is writing about, putting on their Instagram or sharing about their life, STOP READING IT. If you think they are fake, STOP READING IT. It is a pretty simple equation to figure out. I figured out. Over the years there has been plenty of bloggers that I outgrew or they changed and I was not into their blog anymore. I just unsubscribed to them. Instead of hate reading someone, tearing them apart and hurting their ego and self esteem, I just stopped reading them. 

As a society, for some reason, we find it acceptable to be mean and malicious online. Why is it that when we are unknown, nameless faces online, is it okay to be hurtful mean girls on the internet? Why is it okay to tear about someone and evaluate that persons life as if we are allowed to judge them? Most of us blog for fun. We blog as an outlet, not a job. I blog for a hobby. I do not need someones approval to do this. If you do not like, do not read it. To many bloggers have stopped blogging over the years because of hate reading, mean comments and people being so mean to them behind a computer screen. 

We need to be kind. We need to practice kindness. If you are sweet, nice and amazing in person, be that online to. Do not be a fake person behind a user name. Be the same person 24/7, no matter who you are and where you are. Do not fall into cliques and cliches. If you think someone is a witch and a horrible person, just ignore them and stop reading what they write. It is simple and everyone can figure it out.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Finding Your Blogging Niche

When I started blogging 4/5 years ago, I never really knew what I wanted to write about. I would blog about the dumbest stuff sometimes and did not ever know what I was talking about. I remember seeing a few bloggers one day before I ever thought of having a blog and thinking, I can do that. I can do just what they are doing and thinking how easy it looked. Blogging is not easy. It is hard and difficult. For me, the biggest part was finding what I wanted my blog to be about and what I wanted my readers to take from it. I still struggle with that sometimes.

For me, as of lately, my blogging voice/niche is more of a fitness/weight loss/inspiration style. I am focusing on my self, my happiness and where I see my self going from here. Finding my blog niche, is something that has taken a long time. It did not happen over night and it has taken years. It has taken me not blogging for a period of time, it has taken me revamping my blog and finding my self. It takes work, energy and finding your self.

I find that the big things that help with finding what drives me to write:

  • Who wants to read this?
  • Is this something others can relate to?
  • Am I able to help inspire or influence others?
  • Can I grow from my own story and learn from them?
  • Where do I see myself going from this?
  • Is this something I think people will get enjoyment from?
  • Can I get views and comments?
My blog voice/niche is not for everyone and I know that. You have to find what works for you. If you love sports, write about sports. If you love cooking and baking, do that. Do not hide who you are. Feel open to be yourself and write about it. I hid who I was for years on my blog. I was scared to open up and share the real me out of fear I would not be accepted into the blogging community when in all reality, I was the only person not accepting me. Be yourself and everyone else will love you. If they don't, they will not read and you will not have to worry about them. They are not worth the stress. You need to find something you are compassionate about and just write.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

New Rachel. New Blog Look.

I figured it was time for the blog to keep a new look. It had been a few years since I revamped this place and it was definitely due for it. I feel like it has definitely been an upgrade and my blog reflects me and how much I have changed over the past year. I have made a lot of changes in my life since January. This past year I wanted to make this the year of me and that is what I have done. I have focused on my weight loss and making my self happier. I haven't let things get me down and I haven't let people bring me down. I have lost 40 pounds and found a whole new Rachel, a whole new person that I was hiding away and I am not letting that person go.
My blog is still under construction. I added some new areas, like my Project Fitness area as I am pretty fitness driven and love working and running. That will be up and running soon with all of my workouts and OCR races. I will have coupon codes and other fun things in that area so make sure you check it out once it is done.
I have to give a big thank you to Sarah from Venus Trapped in Mars. She did all of this. She is super talented and I have loved all of her designs. She has an amazing blog and I am super jealous of her blogging skills and photography. I wish I was that good but sadly I am not. She does have some pretty awesome tutorials on her blog though so make sure you check them out. I know I do on the regular.
I hope to everything done and working within the next few weeks. I haven't focused on my blog as much as I would have liked this past year but I am really getting back into it more as I love the way it looks and feel like it is more me than it used to be. It no longer feels like a chore but feels like it is fun and exciting again! Let me know what you think of the new design and make sure you go check out Sarah's blog!

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

3 Years.

I can not believe it has been 3 years already. 3 years ago today I go the worst phone call of my life. My nephew was shot and killed. I was in Pennsylvania for my friends son birthday and we had just finished eating and we were having cake. My mom's friend called me and told me my nephew had been shot and he was at the hospital. I remember falling to the ground and I remember being confused. I got another call after that no, he was not at the hospital, that he was dead. 

That call was the worst call of my entire life. He was shot at 12 years old. Killed. I can never see him again. I can never hug him or tell him how much I love and miss him. That weekend, he wanted to come over but I was going out of town. Guilt has eaten away at me for years now. I can't let it as I can not sit around and wonder. All I can do is remember him, mourn him, and love him. 
Dax was an amazing child. He was rambunctious, obnoxious, and loud. He was full of energy, life and cared about everyone and everything. He had big dreams and wanted to see and do everything. Sadly, that will never happen. He is now in heaven. His father has since joined as he passed away last year. 
Dax was amazing. I would give anything to have him back. He was my world. He may of only been my nephew but to me, he was like my son. I saw him multiple times a week, did anything he wanted and would give him anything he wanted or needed. Dax and his sister are my everything and will always be my everything. I am so lucky to have been blessed with an amazing nephew for 12 years. I am lucky to have been able to been his aunt.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Weight Loss Update.

Yall...I am only 3 pounds away from my goal of losing 40 pounds this year. I want to be 155 by Christmas which will be 10 months from when I started working out and really pushing myself to lose this weight.This morning I weighed my self and the scale said 158. I am loving seeing that number go down and down and down. It is such an accomplishment to be losing this weight and knowing it is from hard work and dedication. 
Currently I am going to the gym 5-6 days a week. I work out for a hour to hour and half. I like to do 3-4 miles of cardio and then the rest of the time I am doing weights. I was super scared of weights at first when I started, but now, I love them. They are amazing. I feel like that is part of what has really helped me shed the poundage off! 

Compared to what I did look like when I first started until now, the difference is amazing. A good bit of my clothes are way to big and I need to go buy news one but unfortunately, my wallet says No No No! Christmas is coming! That is one of the hardest parts of weight loss, everything is way to big now! 
This girl below, was miserable, unhappy and everything I wore fit so tight I felt like a stuffed sausage. That is not the case anymore! 
The only sad part is my PCOS has yet to go away. I have had to get back on birth control to help regulate my periods and hopefully help my ovulate because as of a month ago, nothing is happening. I am happy though. I am not letting anything bring me down or slow my thunder! I am slowly losing this weight and doing what I need to do to find who I want to be. 
To date..I have lose 37 pounds. I have lose it on my own. I am not using miracle pills. I am not using a special diet or paying for some membership to a online workout coach. I go to the gym and workout. I eat right. I motivate myself.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Pinteest Fall Loves

I love fall and with fall comes fun crafts and decorations. That brings me to Pinterest!  I have found so many amazing ideas for decorating and crafting on Pinterest. That site is amazing and I am not sure how I functioned without it for so long. I figured I should share some of my pin-spiration with you guys! 

Let me know some of your favorite crafts below and make sure you follow me on Pinterest! 

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Rugged Maniac Fall 2016 Part 2 Virginia

I ran Rugged Maniac a little over a week and a half ago. I would of had this post up sooner but ya know, bronchitis will make you go MIA for awhile. I love running OCR races and Rugged Maniac is by far my favorite race. This was my 4th time running the race and I have lost 35 pounds since the last time I ran. I am in the best shape of my life and I was super pumped before hand to see how I would do this time.

I had never ever tried the warped wall at the end. If you do not know what the wall is, here is a nice video from Youtube of others trying it. Now bear in mind, the day I ran it here in Virginia, IT WAS A MUD PIT!


I was able to make it up the wall my first try. MY FIRST TRY! Do you know how amazing that felt? I got up there and hugged the volunteers and screamed! It was the best feeling in the world. I wish I would of gotten it on video. I tried to record the race on my GoPro. Little tip for anyone using their GoPro cameras for these races, clean out your memory on your camera before hand. I did not and my camera was full 17 minutes into the race. I am a moron and did not get any footage of the good obstacles. 
It had rained for almost a week straight here so the course was SUPER muddy and it was actually pretty hot for it being October. It was a fun course though. We did the race in about 1 hour and 15 minutes. It was so much. I recommend every one to try it. I will be running it again this spring! 

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Tips to Keep Your Dogs Healthy + a coupon

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #BestPawForward #CollectiveBias

If you have read my blog for long, you know how much my dogs are my life. I take their health and well being very serious. I always make sure they are healthy and taken care of. It is one of the things that is a top priority in my life. Thankfully, Giant Food is putting its #BestPawForward and helping me with this.  You can now find a wide range of natural, healthy pet products that vary from dry and wet food and treats. They are designed for your pet's health and wellness in mind. I also love the convenience of being able to get my groceries and my dogs food and treats in one place! It is a one stop shop. 

Purina DentaLife was launched this year and it features a range of oral maintenance of treats for dogs and cats. Now, for me, my dogs have some bad breath and this is a relief for me. I was super pumped to find this product and be able to get this and try it out with them because sometimes when they want to give you kisses, that breath can be to much.

Coming up on October 16, the local paper will have a coupon for $2 off any Beyond 3lb bag Dry Dog food, $3 off any Beyond 13# or larger bag Dry Dog food. I know I will be taking advantage of this coupon since I have two dogs with two different diets. 

Now here are some quick steps to help you keep your dog healthy and happy:

1. Give your dogs Purina DentaLife to help with their oral care. My dogs have bad breath. It helps with the odor and keeps their teeth clean.

2. Give them a bath. Dogs need baths just as much as we do. My dog has allergies to a good bit of stuff so it helps to get her fur and skin clean. Plus, she smells so amazing afterwards!

3. Go for walks. All dogs need exercise and need to stretch their legs. 

4. Make time for cuddles. My dogs require atleast 30-60 minutes of cuddles a night. I believe all dogs need this to know they are loved.

5. Play time. I make sure my dogs have toys and tons of play time. They are always playing together and having fun. I think that is what makes a happy dog. 

6. Make sure you feed them the correct dog food for their type/breed. We have two dogs. One is allergic to grain. One is not. We have to buy two types of dog food. Luckily for us though, we can get Purina One and Beyond Natural Dry Dog Food  at Giant Food. They are great wellness aids.

What are some tips that you have to keep your pets healthy? Let me know below!
Don't forget that you can try the new Purina DentaLife with a $2 coupon available here

*Not to be taken as professional veterinary advice. Please consult your veterinarian for recommendations and practices appropriate for your pet.*