Life As Rachel: April 2015

Thursday, April 30, 2015

My Favorite Fun Runs

This weekend I am running Rugged Maniac. I am super excited as this is the first time I have tried this race. Fingers crossed I do well. I figured this was a good time to share a few of my favorite obstacle course runs.

1. Rugged Maniac. I know I haven't ran it yet until this weekend but I am super pumped and ready for it!

2. Mudderella. This is a 5-6 mile run for mostly women. I love that! With men (no offense) there is to much competition. Mudderella is a beast though and will take you down! Be prepared when you go!

3. Wipeout Run. I ran Wipeout Run last year when it was ROC race. It is now the Wipeout Run and I am running again this year. It is just like the tv show. It is a good, fun run.

4. Foam Glow. I ran this back in March in Richmond and it was FREEZING COLD. It was literally one of the coldest races I have ever ran but it was fun. There are no obstacles in this one but it is a big foam party and who doesn't love that?

These are just a few of the ones I have done over the past few years since I have gotten into running. What are some you love? Any I should check out???

5k Foam Fest is not longer running.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Running and Beer

Over the weekend I ran another 5k. This one was strictly running, no obstacles or anything. It had to many hills but hey, its worth it in the end. I ran with one of my friends from work and we both did 46 minutes. I would love to be under 40 minutes but that takes time and effort and I just have to stick with it. I am running another 5k this weekend, Rugged Maniac. It is tough but I have people I am running with. You can not do these alone and teamwork is a big part of them. Check back next week for a recap from the Rugged Maniac. I am super excited to run it. If you have ran it before, did you love it???

I finally got back on my treadmill last night. I had not ran on it in forever. I had been sticking to other workouts. I am so glad I ran last night. I was able to run longer and stuck it out longer than I normally do. I get burned out quick running but I hope I can stick with it. It is a big love/hate relationship. 

After the 5k Saturday, I completely killed any work that I had done by drinking beer..and more beer. Some days though require it. After a stressful work week, it has happened a couple times but hey...I am okay with it! I hope this week is better. The weather is so amazing here in Virginia and it definitely puts me in a better mood. Running has helped me with stress and running 1.5 miles last night is the best destress method I use. (ever over the booze) There is a natural high and something about pushing yourself harder and faster than you did last time! I am in no way a runner, but I am begging to be something. I may not have a 6 minute mile, but mine 14-15 minute mile is still a mile. The distance is the same!

I am going to try and run more tonight and get a better time and distance. This is the biggest struggle I have. My time when running but I know I am still getting up and running and doing something. I am not just sitting on the couch being lazy! 

Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Stages of Getting a New Dog

We just got a new puppy last weekend, Bella, which if you have not read my blog then you need to read this post. I have noticed that every time we get a new dog, we go through these stages.

1. To get the dog or not get the dog? Big question. 

2. Screw it. I'll get the dog.

3. Damn it...we got the dog. Can we afford it? No turning back now.

4. Lets introduce it to the other dogs. Hope they don't eat her.

5. Oh well that went well, she is freaked out and they hate her.

6. Oh wait..they are sniffing butts, they like her.

7. Crap...she peed inside. Here we go!

8. Do we have puppy food? DAMN IT!

9. Try to wet down regular dog food until you get puppy food.

10. Aw she is so cute when she sleeps.


12. Omg her whine is so cute.


14. What will we name her? Dang it this could takes days if not weeks to figure out.



17. Where did she go? She is so little.

18. Why did we we do this? We were not thinking. 

19. Did you call the vet yet? That bill will suck.

20. OMG she is so cute.

21. Seriously, will she ever pee out side?

22. Aw look she is fitting in. 

23. Welp no turning back now. It has been 24 hours.


25. Puppy breath, not cute. 

26. Aw I love her already. 

It is a vicious cycle! I love our dogs and our new addition Bella but please pray for us that she stops whining so much at night!! 

Monday, April 20, 2015

Why Lilly Pulitzer for Target Has Me Mad!

On Sunday, Target launched their collaboration with Lilly Pulitzer. I was very excited about this so much that I marked it in my calendar to get online and grab a few things. I am on the plus side right now and there was no plus sign items in the store. I wanted to make sure I got one certain dress that they had.

Now I love this dress and a few others that they had. When I went to grab it online, it was gone. EVERYTHING WAS GONE. Now normally I don't get mad over this. But I can not afford a regular priced $300.00 Lilly dress. These were priced perfectly for me. I was super excited when the look book came out, I wanted one of everything. Now I can not get it at all.

What I noticed is most people bought a ton, and are reselling it on Ebay for more that it is worth. If you are willing to shell out 150+ for a Target dress, why are you just not buying the real deal Lilly Pulitzer stuff? I have seen comments where people have said rude stuff about "the poor people" can't have Lilly. Seriously people? Not everyone is rich and can go blow money on a dress that cost $200 and up. I can barely afford $40.00 for one.  I have seen people marking a dress that cost around $40.00 to $350.00. That is insane. You are a money hungry person. Some people would love that dress and it is not worth $350.00. 

The only way I will ever get a Lilly Pulitzer dress now is if I find at one of the higher end consignment shops and even then it will be marked a crazy amount. I get some people have it like that and can spend whatever they want on a dress, but I can't. I have other bills that take priority. 

So..for now..I will just stew and forget all about Lilly Pulitzer because I can not afford her. Even when they try to make it affordable, it can't be. 

Meet Bella

Friday night when I got home, there was new dog at our house. My husband decided a 3rd dog would be fine with me. At first I did not want another one but now, this little girl has me hooked!

Meet Bella. 

She is a border collie/beagle mix, so I say she is a Border Beagle! She is a typical puppy. She is hyper, whiny, and tired. A lot. I have been sleeping with her on the couch the past few nights so she will sleep. She needs to feel the warm of someone and she doesn't like you being out of her site. She is already spoiled. She plays well with her 2 bigger sisters. They are very intrigued with her and have no idea what to make out of her. They are already playing with her and are super gentle with her!

Friday, April 17, 2015

Bridal Shower Survival DIY Kit

My good friend Pam is getting married in a few weeks. She had her bridal shower back in March and it was the cutest. I was super excited but I wanted to make sure I got her a gift that was practical, cute, and useful. The wedding is at a resort and I know there will be things forgotten or last minute things she needs to fix. I decided on a Bridal Emergency Kit. 

What you need:

Most of these items I needed on my wedding day. Luckily I got ready at my house so I was able to find most of it without trouble. Anything can happen on your wedding day and you will forget at least 5 things if not more. To  have a basket with this stuff in it, it will help save you time and stress! Just do not forget the basket!! 

I loved this as a gift idea and plan on doing it again in the future! If you know of anything that should be added, let me know!!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Crock Pot Mac N Cheese

 Crock Pot Macaroni and Cheese

8 oz Elbow Macaroni cooked
12 oz can Evap Milk
2 cup Milk
1 Tsp Salt
3 cups Grated Sharp Cheese
1/4 cup melted butter
2 eggs Beaten
Black pepper to taste

Coat your Crock Pot w/ Pam or using a liner bag, spray the bag.  Cook your noodles first to make sure they are done. Do not cook all the way. Just to where they are a little firm still. Combine all ingredients well. Then set on Low and cook for 4 Hours No Stirring. Double Recipe for Big Crock Pot. 

I add more pepper and I do not put salt in it. 

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

My Favorite Workout Beats

Lately I have been changing up my workout routine. I find I get bored with one thing and I need to try different things. I run on the treadmill, run outside when it is nice, I do Zumba as well as a few other workout DVD's that I love. Most of the time I try to listen to the DVD's music but sometimes it is easier to put in my ear buds and jam on! 

My favorite workout beats:

Heartbeat Song by Kelly Clarkson

Love Me Like You Do-Ellie Goulding

I Really Like You-Carly Rae Jepsen

Lips Are Movin-Meghan Trainor

What are some of your favorite beats to workout tune? My change weekly! Some weeks I like a more fast paced, others a slow beat. Sometimes its rap or country. Every week it is literally something different with me. I love all music so let me know some of your favorite ones to workout to! Let me know below!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Weekend Catch Up

This weekend FLEW by. It was super busy but fun! I had my niece again and I try to do as much with her as possible so she isn't bored. We worked in the garden on Saturday and I wish I would of taken a before picture but of course, I didn't. I love the way the flower garden is turning out and it is so pretty. We have a ton of different flowers in there and I love it!

We also had some amazing BBQ, which I failed to take pictures of again but I did manage to get pictures of me and my mini me! So that's a plus on my side. 

I took my niece to Cville on Saturday evening to see the movie Home. That is one of the cutest movies. You have to go see it, even if you do not have kids. It is adorable and now I want to watch it again. Can it please come out on DVD already? I also stopped in at Alex and Ani before the movie and got 2 new bangles. I love that store but my bank account does not. Can we please lower the prices of these things??

After the movie, my niece was super shy and didn't want to take a picture in front of the Home sign. I forced her to but so she didn't feel so shy I took one of my best Fat Amy impression. I must say, I got it down pretty well. Casting, call me!

Yesterday was amazing. I loved the weather and I wish it was like that still today but alas, it is raining today. The good part about the rain, all my newly planted flowers are loving it!! I am so excited for everything to start blooming! I also started my diet back again. I am back to counting calories. I hated it before but I saw real results with it so I am back to it. I may not like it, but it works! I will post another weight update when my results are better!

Monday, April 13, 2015

Target Giveaway!

Happy Monday! Today I am doing a giveaway with a few of my favorite bloggers! Chelsee always puts together some amazing giveaways and this is one of my favorites! 

 Are you a fan of target or even Lilly Pulitzer? If you haven't heard, Lilly Pulitzer is coming soon to Target! Exciting news right? Well enough about Lilly and on to the giveaway!
PicMonkey Collage 
Good luck! Have a great day!

Friday, April 10, 2015


feeling...Fat..I feel fat.
wearing...a dress that makes my boobs feel squished. music on pandora
eating.. fruit.
reading...A J. D. Robb book
worrying...about my weight, not being pregnant yet, and so many other things.
hoping...lose some weight.
wanting...vacation.  May 16th can not get here soon enough.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Yesterday I went to the doctor to figure some things out that have been going on with me. The big thing that bothered me yesterday was she kept bringing up my weight. I mentioned to her I was trying to lose weight but she still brought it up a few times. I tried to brush it off but it is still bothering me. Since 2011 I have gained 30lbs. I know thats alot but it happened over a 4 year span, not over night. I have only went up 2 pants sizes. I don't feel fat. I like the way I look. I love my curves. 

Now I know I need to lose weight. I would love to be 155 again. To me though, that is not a realistic goal right now. I want to get to 170 and go from there. I slacked off really bad in March. I ate whatever I wanted, I barely worked out. Now I am back on track. But due to the slacking off, I gained 4 of the 10 pounds back that I had lost. Once I get those off, I will work on another 5 to get to 170. I know I can do it. 

I think for me though, having a doctor put it in your face, write it in your chart about your weight gain (which I access electronically) is under stable but is also hard to hear. I have never been super skinny. I have also been chunkier than other girls but I am in no way obese. I have a little bit of a belly but other than that, I love the way I look. 

I am working hard and I have to stick with it. I need to lose weight for myself, for my husband, and so many other reasons. I will stick with this. I know there are going to rough patches and that I will give up and restart many times but I am going to do my best to stick with this. 

Monday, April 6, 2015

Weekend Recap+photo dump

This past weekend was a blast. I had a super busy weekend with everything going on. I had my niece over the weekend, we had Easter which I had at my in laws and at my parents house. I ate way to much but I also worked out a good bit as well. I got 8 miles in over the weekend.
I am really trying to keep up with my workouts and not slack on them. March was a bad month for me but I am back on my game. I am pushing for 5-6 workouts a week. I also am switching up the workouts and making sure I have a good variety so I do not get bored or tired of them.

Saturday was spent with my niece. She is the cutest kid ever and a blast to be around. We went to a local Mennonite store and got some snacks. They just moved to a bigger location and they brought all of the animals from the previous location with them. The goats are my favorite by far.

I also had her help make cupcakes for Easter at my parents house. I must say, she is the best cupcake maker around. Be jealous Paula Dean! 

On Easter I decided that a dress was needed and wore one of my favorites from Maurices. I love that store and I have a serious addiction to it. I have to try to not go near it for awhile. It is so tempting though! I don't normally wear dresses except at work and it was nice to wear this one on Easter. It was cute but not overly dressy. 

I hope everyone had a fabulous Easter and weekend. It is beautiful here and I plan on enjoying every bit of the sunshine!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Today I posted on a message board a question I had about TTC (trying to conceive).I will not say what message board it was. I was in no way expecting the answer I wanted or even remotely an answer that would apply to me. I was just hoping to get advice from others in the same situation as myself. Over the past 8 months since TTC I have poured over message boards on various sites and reading up on information. I have bought book after book trying to figure things out and why things were happening and why things are not happening.My doctor will not help until we have been TTC for a year. I didn't think it would hurt to post my question and seek advice from others. 

I then got some answers I was not expecting. 

Only one person actually came to my defense and was nice. She then got rude messages to herself from these women. 

Now yes..none of these are super mean but they are not what you would expect on a message board that should be uplifting. I was truly shocked about the responses. I then went to other boards on this site and saw the same women doing this to other women that were just confused and seeking advice like myself. In no way did I expect the answers I received. I was mad at first, then typed a response to these women but I never hit publish. What good would it do me? Nothing. It would do no good. They will continue to be mean, bitter and rude to other women who are confused and frustrated like myself. 

I understand how it is online, people are hidden by a keyboard and a screen. They feel like they can post and say whatever they want and it does not matter if they hurt someones feelings. I wish people would take a few moments before hitting reply when they post something. I read over my reply multiple times and decided that hitting reply would not change a thing. What does that do for me or them? Nothing. They could care less. 

I wish women would be more uplifting to others instead of rude and nasty. 

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