Life As Rachel: March 2015

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

5k Foam Glow

Over the weekend I ran the 5k Foam Glow in Richmond. It is basically a big rave party with a dj, lights, foam but no booze! It was super cold out but that did not stop the thousands of people that attended! I am not sure how well I did running as there was no official timers and we got started about 30 minutes late due to the waves they were letting go. I did try to run the whole time but did not succeed. I do think my time was pretty good though. It was not a hard course but it was not super easy either. The BIG hill was horrible but I got through it!! It was way to cold to even stop running!!!

This run is more of a fun run than an actual tough competitive run. If you are able to ever run it, do so. My only issues is it is not the best organized and they start the waves at 8:00 and with so many people running, it takes forever to get going! I also didn't like how I had to pay $5.00 to pick up my packet. I would run this again though as it is a super cheap run!!

I have 3 more runs I am signed up for. I want to get to the point where I can run the entire race and not have to take a break and speed walk. I run at home inside on my treadmill, it never compares at all to running outside with the elements. Hopefully with the weather getting nicer, I can start to run outside and get ready for my upcoming races!! 

Also have you ran this race? What 5ks or marathons are you running this year?? Let me know below!!

Friday, March 27, 2015

Hair and Nails!!!

Yesterday I finally went and got my hair cut and highlighted. I only went in for a trim but came out with SHORT hair. I do love it but when you are growing out your hair, that is not something you want done. I only go about twice a year to get my hair trimmed so hopefully it will be long and luscious soon.
Last night I decided to also do my nails. I normally paint them and they look like a 5 year old did them. One of my friends told me about the fake nails at Walmart and I had to try them out. I love them. They work so well and I only spend a few $$ on them. It does take some getting used to though for putting in my contacts and taking them out among other things that are harder to do with fake nails.

Have you tried these nails before? I love them. I did buy nail glue and use it but they come with glue on the backs of them!

Today it is raining and gross so the hair is not looking so fresh today. Rain + my hair = no go! 
Tomorrow I am running my 5k and I am super pumped for it! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Thursday, March 26, 2015


I have not blogged in days! Miss me yet? Probably not .I wanted to do a quick update on my running. I slacked off for a few days but I am back at it hard! I have a 5k this weekend in Richmond and I have to be ready for it. I need a better time that what I got at my last 5k. I have been running in the evenings but I have one problem. My heel is really starting to hurt on my right foot. I am not sure if it is because of my shoes I run in or the heels I wear at work. I refuse to give up my heels! My leg game has to be fierce! I am running with the girls I ran Mudderella with. We got matching tanks and gear to run in. It is a foam glow run so hopefully I don't get lost from anyone.

Apparently one of the boys from 1D split from the band. Twitter was broken yesterday. It was all over Buzzfeed. People..boy bands break up. ie. Backstreet Boys, Nsync, O-Town...see? My niece loves this band and I haven't seen her yet to see how she feels about this. I am pretty sure she didn't care about the kid anyways!

On another note, I finally bought myself my bikini for this year. Yes I am not the skinniest but puhlease..I wear what I want. Don't like..don't look! Fingers crossed it fits and I love.

For now..thats all I got! 

Monday, March 23, 2015

Weekend Fun

This past weekend was an amazing weekend. It was busy but packed with a ton of stuff. I love those weekends except they fly by way to fast! Friday night we had friends over and just hung out, drink some beer and chilled. I love evenings like that because I get to relax at home and just have fun without the stress of being out and about.

Saturday I binged watched some TV with Chris. We lounged around for a good part of the day until I went shopping with a friend. We went all over the places and got some really good deals. My favorite was a watch I snagged at Target for $8.00. I had been looking for a nice watch for awhile and finally found one I love. We were out until LATE shopping. Did you know Kohls and Target are open to 11 on weekends? I didn't but I am so glad they were or the shopping fun would of ended quickly.

Sunday I had Wine and Design. This was like my 10th going. It was at a local vineyard by the house which was only a 5 minutes drive for me. We painted a Rooster. I was not sure about him at first but I love it now and I can not wait to hang it up in the house!! I never thought I could paint but Wine and Design can make anyone a painter!

After that we grilled out, watched TV and cleaned a little. The weekend flew by but was a ton of fun. Most of my weekends are jam packed in the spring and I love it. This weekend I have a 5k in Richmond! Make sure you check out Mondays post for that!

Friday, March 20, 2015

Hair Dilemma

Over the past year I have been growing out my hair. About 3 years ago I chopped it all off and last year I really missed my long hair. Being able to throw it up and just go, that is amazing. My hair is finally growing out, thank goodness, but now I am at the spot where I am trying to learn new hairstyles and they don't always work out. 

For months I have been trying the sock bun. I struggle with hair so this simple bun was stumping me. I finally got it last night though. I was super happy and ran out to show my husband and even put it online. I tried to do it for work today..NO GO. My hair was all no way am I gonna work for you today. So I went with a simple pony today.

I tried the hair wrapped around your pony tail. I can get that but then securing it, that's where I struggle. I can tug it into the hair tie but it looks odd and I can use bobby pins, but they show sometimes. Any tricks would be great!
I can braid others hair but when it comes to my own, nope. Not happening. I want to learn how to do a side braid. I have watched countless videos.  and still can not do it. My fingers refuse to work when I need them to.

So here are the hair styles I can do: Straight with a blow dryer or straightener, pony tail, bun with spin pins and now a sock bun. My hair is very fine and never wants to work and do what I want. I can't curl it because I struggle. I have 4 different curling irons and wands and nothing! The only way I have been able to curl my hair is with my Curl Secret.  So my plea to the world, help me learn how to fix my hair and not always wear it down or in a pony tail. I would love to be able to do cute hair styles for once. 

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Wipeout Run +discount

Finally the opportunity to run the Wipeout course is coming to DC! From the producers of the hit TV show Wipeout comes WIPEOUTRUN! Crash, smash and splash your way through a 5k course with 12 larger-than-life obstacles including the infamous Big Balls, Sweeper, Wrecking Balls, and Happy Endings!

I ran this amazing race last year in D.C. and I have to say it has been one of the best obstacle courses around. It is a run but with fun! I tried every obstacle and I felt so accomplished afterwards. My favorite obstacle is the slides but they have so many, that I end up loving the all! I was planning on running alone last year, but at the event I made some friends. I ended up running with them and let me tell helps to have a team behind you. Sometimes you need a boost or a push up on something and what better way to have fun with your friends then running this course???

Are you planning on running the race?? It is nationwide so make sure you find your nearest location and use the code below! Check out the obstacles and register at before the price increases! Save $5 with code RACHEL!

This is an untimed event open to anyone from couch potatoes to track stars 18 and up.

Make sure you sign up! If you do, wear a fun outfit, take lots of pictures and have fun!
From last years run!! 

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Places I Need To Visit

If you don't know me, or don't really read my blog that often, I live in Virginia and I am very close to so many things that others do not get to see or even do. I realized awhile back how much I taken advantage of things when I see them every day or saw it A TON as a kid. I need to take more time out and do my own touristy stuff where I live!

1. Washington D.C. -I literally live a hour and half from the place. I went as kid to the national zoo and some of the museums. I went in college to a few of the museums, Supreme Court and Senate. I have only been to D.C. twice now as an adult. 1 was to see the Zoo, the other was to run a 5k. I feel like I need to plan a trip there with Chris and just ride the metro in and have fun.

2. Richmond, VA. I am super close to this big ole city and there is so much that goes on there. I don't EVER go there unless its to the racetrack for Nascar. I avoid it because big cities scare me. 

3. Williamsburg, VA. Williamsburg is such a historical town but it also has outlet shopping and some amazing restaurants to eat it. I went as a kid in school but never really got to check it out as an adult. We pass it every year going to the beach and every year we say "We should stop" but we never do.

4. Monticello  and Montpelier. These are two homes from famous and former Presidents of the United States. I happen to live within 30 minutes of both. Have I been? One time as a child. Have I been back since? Nope! 

5. Vineyards. Virginia is packed full of Vineyards. We have Trump Vineyards here along with a handful of others. I have one 5 minutes from my house. Do I ever go? Nope. 

These are just a few things I have not done here and really need to do. What are some things you want to visit where you live?

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

5k Obession

About a year and a half ago I signed up for my first 5k. I never knew how much I would love it or want to do it all the time. With spring finally showing its pretty little head around here I am finally getting to get in 5ks for the year. I run year round, and when it is winter and cold I stay inside on a treadmill. The problem with the treadmill is that I feel like I don't get as much of a workout as I do when I am running outside. I need distractions and sometimes its to easy to stop running earlier than if I was outside and had to run to get home. 

I ran my first 5k these past weekend. It was hard, cold, and I am glad I did it. My time was horrible. 52 minutes. I can partially blame that on the obstacles as they got backed up at some points and you had to wait to use them. The other part is my fault. I didn't run with anyone. I was by myself. I had to hold myself accountable. Did I walk some? Yep. Should I have ran more? Yep. It was in the 40s here Saturday and raining on and off but you know what. I got out there. I did it and now I have about 6 more to do this spring. 

I completed every obstacle this past weekend at the 5k. I did the walls, which I hate and even got down in the mud, which I hate. For me, to push myself threw all of this and do it on my own is great. I just need to focus more on the running and not lag behind. 

My next one is in Richmond in 2 weeks so I need to prepare myself and get ready! 

Monday, March 16, 2015

RO*TEL March Madness Deal

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Be sure to look for RO*TEL in either the Pasta or Hispanic aisle in Walmart!
Be sure to add RP*TEL to your favorite recipes. How do you use RO*TEL?

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Busy Weekend

My weekend starts today at 12:00. Work is closed tomorrow and I took of Monday. Woohoo for me!! I actually have a pretty jam packed weekend coming up so I may need Monday for rest and relaxation. I am not looking forward to being so busy but at least all of the things I have to do are fun and something I want to do! 
Here is my schedule:

Friday-Clean house
Buy groceries
Mail orders out for store.

Saturday. 8:00 a.m.-5k in town
12:00 p.m. Bridal shower 30 minutes away
5:00 Party at friends house.

Sunday-Pick up my niece for the day

Monday-Doc appt for the husband super early!

Today is also gameday for my favorite team. UVA! They play at 12:00 so make sure you are watching and cheering on one of the best teams in the nation! They are ranked #2 right now and hopefully will stay there. I am keeping my fingers crossed that they go far in March Madness this year! Who are you rooting for?

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Currently. March Edition

feeling...meh. I am over the rain, I want sunshine and sandals

wearing...Dress with leggings and boots. My go to outfit! So comfy and it covers the bad areas.

listening...I am on a big Luke Bryan kick right now!

eating...soup and yogurt. Healthy lunches people!

reading...Re-reading Insurgent. 

worrying...about everything. I mean my brain won't shut off! have the store closed by April.


wanting...a Go Pro. Can someone make that happen please?

Monday, March 9, 2015

Happy Monday!

This past weekend flew by with the time change and birthday celebrations! My birthday is today and I am 28 years old. I feel old. When I was 21, 22 and 23 birthdays were so much fun. Now..I just feel old. I am so close to 30. My mother in laws birthday is tomorrow so we typically celebrate together which I love. I love being around family!

On Saturday we went to a German restaurant where I live. It is so authentic and the waitress wear the beer girl outfits! The give you way to much food and you leave feeling sickly stuffed but it is oh so good!! 

On Sunday we got to enjoy lovely weather and relax. I cleaned my house from top to bottom. I de-cluttered some which was much needed in our house. We had stacks of mail, junk and other stuff laying around. I love de-cluttering and throwing away stuff we no longer need! You never realize how messy something is until you do a deep clean like that. It was much needed and I plan on cleaning windows and stuff this weekend!! I also had dinner with my in-laws again and since the weather was so nice here we actually got to eat outside and enjoy the afternoon! 

Today is my birthday and what better for my birthday than a lovely trip to the Dentist. My teeth are in amazing shape and no cavities to report. I actually do not mind going as long as no drilling is going on in my mouth. They did screw up my makeup though and I had to reapply it but at least my teeth are sparkling and clean!!

Now for the rest of the day I will eat to much and worry about it later!

Friday, March 6, 2015

Workout Update

So I have been working out since the beginning of January. I have been trying very hard to stick to this new workout and new me. I try to run at least 3 times a week. The honest truth is though that sometimes I can't run because my treadmill is super noisy and my husband goes to bed early. I don't want to make an excuse though for not working out. So here are my go to workouts that are quiet:

1. Zumba. I love Zumba and I can do this quietly without waking up Chris or being super noisy. I love this workout as well because it is a nice change from running on a treadmill. I get to move around and work other areas that are not getting worked as much. 

2. Yoga and Pilates. I love both of these but I STRUGGLE so bad with them. I went and bought me a yoga mat and I am really trying to build up some strength. These workouts kick my butt every time I do. I also only view them on Youtube. They are some really great Youtube workouts that are free! 

3. Free online workouts. I have found so many online workout sheets that are great. Why pay for something when you can get it free? Am I right?! P90x has free downloads of some of their workouts. I love doing these and they kick my butt every time! 

Between these and running I am trying to lose more weight and tone up some areas I do not like. I am in no way trying to get the gap between my thighs as that is so unrealistic for me and my body type. I just want to look good and feel good!

If you have any workout tips or great workout to share..leave them below! I would love to see them and try them out! 

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Blogger No-Nos

I have been blogging for a long time and I have certain blogs I love, some I dislike, and some I read every now and then. I have learned some things over the past few years about blogging and here are some of my No-Nos for blogging.

1. Do not post a sponsored post for every post. I get is nice to score some free swag or even some money but when every post is sponsored, your blog loses its authenticity. I don't want to read all sponsored post on your blog and never find anything original.

2. Do not only post link ups. This kinda goes with #1. If all you post is a link up, I won't read it nor will I post one every day. I think you need some original content at some point. 

3. Do not bash other bloggers. I have never done this but over the years I have seen some nasty stuff and it is not nice. Everyone gets ballsy behind a computer screen. Just remember if though you do not know the person, the hateful things you say still hurt.

4. Do not steal content from other bloggers. I mean really, come up with your own stuff. Someone took time and effort to make that post that you are stealing and to have someone just copy it and not give credit is hard and hurts. 

5. Always give credit. You always want to give credit to a post idea, picture or anything that is not your own in a post!

6. Word verification. I hate doing this but I more than likely will not post a comment on a blog with a word verify on it. When I have a blog roll of 100+ to read, that just takes to much time. (Thanks Amanda for this one)

7. No Reply. I am guilty of this as well because Google hates me but when you are a no reply blogger, I can not reply to you! I would love to e-mail you back and chat with you but I can't! 

What are some blogging no-no's for you? Let me know below!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Spring TV Lineup

The best part about Spring my spring time tv shows that I love. I have a set number of shows I love and I am so excited that a good bit of them are back this week!!

Here are some of my favorites that are back.

1. Once Upon a Time. If you are not watching this show, then something is wrong with you. It has fairy tale characters, true love, HOT MEN WITH ACCENTS, fighting and everything else you could want. It is seriously of the best shows on right now. It started back last night and the premiere was amazing.


2. The Following. This show is INSANE but great. It started out in Virginia near where I live and now has expanded all over the U.S. It is about a serial killer and a cop and at least 3-6 people die every episode. My husband will not watch it as to many people are dying but I love it. 


3. Pretty Little Liars. Now this has been back on for awhile but it is leading up to the BIG reveal of who A is! I am excited to see it. I stopped reading the books as they were just to out there for me and the show has gone that way to but I am way to invested in the show to turn it off at this point. Do you watch this show? Who do you think A is?
What shows are you loving this season??