Life As Rachel: February 2015

Friday, February 27, 2015

Weight Update

It is that time again..for another update on me. I have been slacking in the working out department. Slacking as in I did not work as much as I should have last week or this week. I am back on my game though. I love running and working out and I feel amazing after I do run! I have not weighed myself in awhile because I am scared of the scale. It is not my friend and we are not going to be friends for awhile. I will only weigh myself about once a month now as I don't want to get upset if I don't see that scale move. I can obsess over things easily. 

I have also stopped counting calories. Before I was tracking calories and my steps as well as my workouts along with everything I track to get pregnant. Well this is exhausting and I can't keep up with it all. The best part of knowledge that I have learned from counting calories is that I am so much more aware of what food is good or bad for me as well as how many calories is in something. I definitely am making better choices when it does come to food compared to a few months ago. 

I am loving the new me and I can not wait to get to my goal weight. I have to stay motivated which can be super hard at times. It is all about decisions and I just need to make the right ones!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Blogmopolitan Quiz!

I have never done one of these but finally thought I would cave and do the whole blogger thing! If you want to do take the quick, head over to Two Thirds Hazel and do one!! 

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Dancing In The Sky

If you have been reading my blog for awhile now, you know my amazing nephew was killed at the age of 12. It has been the hardest thing I have ever dealt with and still is hard for me to this day.

A person I grew up with and still know, Jessica Weaver, won a singing contest on the Katie Couric show. She is now working on her own career and she record a beautiful song called Dancing in the Sky. Around our area, we have had a lot of tragedy lately and there are a lot of people featured in this video. My nephew is featured at the 1:57 mark. 

Please watch this amazing and sweet video. 

Monday, February 23, 2015

Weekend Catch Up

First I want to thank everyone for their prayers and positive thoughts. Unfortunately we are not pregnant. My period was late and I was really hoping I was. This has been a long process and I am getting very upset and tired of it. I have never wanted something so bad that is proving impossible to have/do. Please do not comment with just be patient, stop trying so hard..etc. That is one of the most frustrating things for me to hear right now. I had stopped counting stuff and stopped taking OPKs but I am back to doing all of that again. Not worrying did not work for me.

On a good note, I have been missing my ipsy subscription so I decided to get it back last night. I found all of my bags from before and some still had things in them. I am very excited to get my next bag! I love all the stuff they send and it really helped my makeup game and learning new tricks! Fingers crossed I love it again!
Saturday night it was calling for 5 inches of snow. Unfortunately we got over a foot. That is not cool Mr. Weather Man..not cool. The good part though is it was in the mid 40 yesterday so I only had to wear a long sleeve and jeans to shovel snow while Chris plowed our driveway. It is melting quicker as well due to the nice weather we are having. I can feel spring coming!!

Friday, February 20, 2015

Cross Yours Fingers and Toes

I need everyone to keep their fingers and toes crossed for me. I have some big things going on and all the luck in the world is needed at this point! I would appreciate all of your prayers, positive thoughts and anything else you could send me way!

I know this is a rather vague post but when the time is right I will update everyone and let them know what is going on!!! I am just not ready to do so yet and it may not happen so lets keep fingers, toes, legs, whatever else you can crossed for me!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

I'm Dreaming of...SPRING!

It happened. We finally got more than a few flurries of snow in Virginia. I hate it. Most people love snow, but not me. We live in the middle of no where and it is honestly terrifying to me to try and drive on our road when there is ice/snow. Twice now I have spun all the way around in my car on our road in bad weather. 

It still looks like this today even though I did get my car our. My husband decided to not plow or shovel anything as the sun can do the same job! I am wishing he did plow now as that was not fun to get out of today! 

Now I will admit it is very pretty. It looks great and its cool to see fox and deer tracks that you would not see without the snow. The uncool part is the mess it leaves behind, the 9 degree weather we had this morning, the -2 degree weather we are going to have tomorrow night. I am so ready for flip flops and the sun. Spring time can not get here soon enough.

So maybe some positive thinking will bring spring to me??

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Banquet and Chef Boyardee on Rollback

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Monday, February 16, 2015


What do you honestly think of 50 Shades of Grey? Let me know! Take my poll below! I want to know! I have see so many negative/mean reviews that I want to see what bloggers actually thought about the book and series. Let me know below!

50 Shades Of Grey

Now I know some people are not even going to read this post because of the title but I do not care. I went and saw the movie 50 Shades of Grey over the weekend. Now I have read all 3 books, numerous times, and I did have a expectation going in. BUT I also know that not everything in the book was going to be in movie and that some things would be different. 

There were scenes left out that I wish made the movie as well as dialogue they had together. In the book, its not all about the sex. It is about the relationship they build together and the struggles they go through. Now the movie it was good. I liked it and I think it deserves a higher rating that the critics have given it. I also think people need to go in with a open mind when seeing this movie. There is sex, there is fighting and there is love. 

Now I do suggest having a few drinks before seeing the movie. That is what I did. It left me feeling open minded and I did not get upset about things not in the book or things they changed. Now the ending sucks..because it is a cliffhanger but if you have read all 3 books you will know it is okay and that there are more movies to come.

To all the critics...shove it. This was a good movie and a I love the way they portrayed it from the books to the big screen. I can not wait for the rest of them to come out as well as come out on DVD. They are worth every penny. To the ones saying they lacked chemistry, you are crazy. They were great together and I enjoyed watching this.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Workout Wednesday!

So I slacked off for about a week. With dad having surgery, then I got sick, I did not work out for a week. I know these are all excuses but I honestly had no energy and was just out of it. A few days of rest were definitely what I needed. 

The picture on the left was last night and the one on the right was about a month ago. I love seeing the difference and will post another in 1 month again!

Now..I am still only down 10 lbs but I am noticing a difference in me. My face seems chubby cheeks are leaving! My pants are loser and my stomach isn't as bulgy! I am still eating good but if I want something, I eat it. I am not going to deprive myself of anything. I just don't eat the moderation that I use to. I would set down and pig out while cooking dinner, then eat dinner. That does not happen anymore!!

My big goal is only 15 lbs away now which will be a total of 25 lbs! I need to add some weights into my program for toning and I will be on the right path!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Rugged Maniac! +a coupon!

If you have been a reader of mine since last year, you will know how much I love 5ks and obstacle races. Coming up in Virginia, on May 2, there is one of the best ever obstacle races you can run. It is called

This race looks amazing. It has 25 epic obstacles, a 5k run and 1 amazing party afterwards!!! You get to climb towers of shipping containers, rocket down a MASSIVE water slide, crawl through underground tunnels, leap over FIRE, and they have some of the biggest trampolines!!! Then after you run your butt off and work so hard you get to go to one of the best day-long festivals with all the other runners! You get a free beer, a racer medal, and a awesome tight fitting tee! 

Now if you don't believe me about how awesome this race truely is, watch the below video!

Now if you are wanting to sign up and run this beast, I have a code for you! Use code: LARBLOG10 to get a 10% discount off the purchase price.

Just click the picture below to be taken directly to the site! Also be on the lookout for my own video after I run in it May. I have started a team and if you want to join it, let me know! We can all run together!

Monday, February 9, 2015

Valentines Day-Gift Guide for Him

So with Valentines Day quickly approaching, I am freaking out on what to get Chris. I have read all those gift guides but none of them apply to him. I need a realistic gift guide with gifts I know he will actually like and use.

1. Beer. I mean honestly...what guy doesn't love a 12 pack of beer with a nice red bow around it?

2. Pajamas. Now this is more of a get your husband type gift. I know he needs new ones and I love buying things like this for him.

3. DVD's of his favorite show. He loves some South Park and the Simpsons. I am thinking maybe a couple sets from one of them will keep him entertained and he can watch them when I work out and I don't have to!

4. A home cooked meal. My husband loves my cooking (or I think he does) and he prefers to have an amazing meal at home. avoid all of the traffic and craziness of going out.

5. A massage. Free..easy...and who does not love a massage?

6. Candy. My husband is a candy FREAK! He loves candy and gets up in the middle of the night to eat some of it.

7. Anything camo. This may be just for my husband but his favorite color is camo. Almost every day he has something camouflage on. 

What are you getting your spouse/significant other for Valentines DA? 

Thursday, February 5, 2015


..sick. I woke up today sick and I am not feeling so hot..but I am at work.
wearing...Dress with leggings and boots. My go to outfit! So comfy and it covers the bad areas.
listening...I hate to admit this but One Direction. I even bought their cd and told my self it was for my niece. Whoops!
eating...nothing. I have no appetite. 
reading...NOTHING! I need some new books people. I just keep re-reading my favorites on my Nook.
worrying...about dad. He is still in the hospital but hopefully will be discharged soon. I can't go see him though as I am sick. feel better soon..ugh!
wanting...vacation. I have one planned in May and it can not get here soon enough. 

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Things Lately

So I know I haven't blogged as much lately but I have a pretty valid reason. My dad had a quad-bypass yesterday. He is MISERABLE right now but he has amazing care and is being looked after 24/7 until he is out of ICU. He is in a lot of pain but hopefully that will start to ease up soon. Just keep him in your thoughts and prayers for us as he is still not out of the woods!

Also it is Health Health Month!! It sort of fits since dad had heart surgery yesterday!

I have kept up with the diet! It has been hard and sometimes it is easier to just grab something quick but I have not done that. I am still packing my lunch and planning my meals. It is worth it and I am so excited to hit my goal weight. I am at 175 and I am so ready to lose the 15lbs I need to!! After that I may lose more.We shall see how it all goes.

I have taken a before picture but I am way to scared still to show it to anyone! But for is one from the weekend and I feel like I look fabulous!!

Other than that I have nothing going on but work work work! I promise to update the blog every day so stay never know what you will see!

Monday, February 2, 2015


I don't normally post stuff this like but I am today. My dad is currently in a 6-7 hour surgery having a quad-bypass done. He has a long recovery ahead of him. He has RA and diabetes and this makes it all worse. Any prayers would be appreciated!